Searching for divine bliss from Goddess Mookambika in a forest

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I was little depressed from last morning due to some reason. I kept questioning about Sai why it all happened. At night, I had been to temple and reached home.

I had a dream as if I am roaming inside a dense forest and searching for divine bliss. What I actually see is filth and dirt. This probably could be the state of my mind. Saibaba wants me to lead a pure life and give up all desires. When I was in the dream, I just saw that I am roaming in the forest. Only when I was about to wake up Sai hinted me that I must chant holy name of Goddess Mookambika.

These days, I constatly have a vision as if I am wearing saffron robe, have a long stick in my palm and walking ahead remembering Goddess.

I am not going to be a saint but this saintly feeling in heart helps me give up desires of any kind. I kept asking Sai why he showed some dreams and can’t prove that he’s involved in the whole episode? The more I ask for answers from Sai the more I get depressed as Sai keeps silent. So its better to focus on Mother Goddess and plead her to show me a way.

I decided to chant Sai Mookambika as much as I can.

Sai blessings,


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  • Sairam Venkatji,

    Please dont be depressed. Shri Sai Babaji will help you with your problems when the time comes. Have faith. Babaji is watching over all of us and you are his dear child.

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