Saraswathi, The Mother who lights lamp of knowledge in our life

Sairam friends,

I have 10 minutes to write this by Grace of Sai so fast….

Yesterday one of my friend at work asked me to come to Book Exhibition. I told him, Its Wednesday and I have to go Saibaba temple to offer garland to the big statues on terrace. Since I also like Books, I called up my friends in Temple and asked them to offer the garland.

I really liked the Book exhibition. We went through all the stalls and looked at books in Tamil and English. What surprises me is how are these authors able to write so much and so creatively? I really din’t had any interest to buy any books as my mind was always working on how I am going to come out with a little book sometime in my life.

I honestly don’t have so much patience to write and only Goddess Saraswathi has to bless me with eagerness and creativity to write. I told my friend that “All writings comes from God”.

If you start to write, it grows and we never knew where it comes from. Knowledge is like a “River” and it flows. How beautiful it is when you can create something simply starting to create. You only have to take effort to do something in life and the divine Mother Saraswathi will bless us.


Saraswathi in White lotus

Saraswathi, The Mother who lights lamp of knowledge in our life

I came home and told my Mother, I went to a Book Exhibition and wish, I also write a Book. My Amma said, for that I have to read a lot and also know many things and that is not simply reading on internet. I must keep studying some course and keep improving my knowledge all my life.

I hope Sai and Saraswathi blesses me to write a Book soon.

My Sister came online and called me. She told me that her Paper is published in Journal of Neuroscience issue of October 2013. For many years, she used to tell us that it will be good if her paper is recognized and published in a journal and finally Shirdi Saibaba and Mother Saraswathi has made us happy. My Mom was happy and I am going to take a print out of her paper and show to my parents tonight.

She was worried as her health is not good but Mom told her, she will be fine by Sai grace.

I am really pleased to write about Goddess Saraswathi during Navratri.  Many parents write me about their children’s education. Some Sai devotees in School and college used to write me about their difficulties and obstacles. I believe they must never get fed up and keep learning. Goddess Saraswathi will surely bless them with happiness.

Other day some snacks fell down on floor in office and I took it and ate. My friend asked me not to eat something that fell down. I told him “Annam Brahmate – Food is God” and we must always make sure we don’t waste food. I do waste food at times but try to make sure I don’t do it.

I told him, I had been to Koothanur Maha Saraswathi Temple in 2005, lit more than 200 lamps, offered 108 beautiful white lotus Garland for Maha Saraswathi and went behind the temple, took some mud in a paper and kept eating little of it once in a while.

He told me, This is too much and I must not eat Mud. To me, Its sacred mud of divine Mother Saraswathi and its one way I show my love on her. ( Note – Devotees must not try this….he he…please don’t. Simply remember Saraswathi. She will bless you.)

You can read about my journey to Koothaur Maha Saraswathi temple in

All in our family thank Mother Saraswathi for blessing my sister and we pray that her Research work must serve Humanity by curing diseases of millions of people in the years to come.

Saraswathi is one of my Sweetest Goddess and I bow down to her and always like to remain as her servant.



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba

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