Sai’s breeze of fragrance will take over your life

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I had been to Palani hills of Lord Murugan last night and felt really peaceful. I love Lord Murugan and the way he works in our life. This morning, Sai gave me a message in dream based on which I am inspired to write this article.

You must be waiting for years, months or weeks for something good to happen in your life. It may never happen or it would eventually come true. Not all desires are fulfilled by Saibaba. That’s one of the key reality Sai devotees must understand. Having said that, Saibaba does try his best to make sure nothing like a disaster you can’t bear happens in your life.

Saints basically seem to be silent. They will be calm for most part of the days you worship them. In reality, they are waiting for the right time to come.

Since I write for Sai devotees who are going through worries and obstacles, most of my articles will touch the negative side of life. Surprisingly, Sai wanted me to be positive today.

Sai’s breeze of fragrace will take over your life today or in the days to come.

Be satisfied for the way Sai has finally listened to your prayers and tried his best to make you feel good.

Sai is one such saint who makes you wait too long but the moment he decides to “Give” its like a breeze of fragrance filling where ever you go.

Patience and Faith are like two eyes for you. If you believe in Sai, continue to believe him even during the worst conditions throughout your life. Only then, can you make Sai baba realize “This is a true devotee of mine”

So those of you who had such immense faith on Sai will soon experience his presence.

May Sai’s breeze of fragrance take over your life.

Om Sai Ram


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