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Saibaba, take me in time machine to the days you lived in Shirdi


I hate the present days and literally wanted to see how India would have been 100 years back. I think everything happening around me is too stupid to accept and I am cheating myself leading a artificial life. I wish to go back in time to the days you lived in Shirdi in human form.

How beautiful it would have been?

The day Hamadpant came to Shirdi with worries that his pension is not enough to run the family. Anna Chinchanikar very kindly spoke to you to bless him with a job. You told him “He will surely get a job. His plate will always be full and he won’t have any wants in his home but at present let him serve me.”

True to your words, Hamadpant did got a job later in his life.

How can I not imagine that day Kashiram Shimpi cried in front of you that you are not accepting the dakshina he offered you.

You wanted to teach him lesson because he had developed ego that he only is giving dakshina and clothes to you. Later, he realizes his mistake and you accepted his dakshina.

I wish to see the dark night in Dwarakamai when you would do Khand Yoga.

Some devotees who had stayed in Shirdi had seen your arms and legs in pieces in each corner of Dwarakamai. They did not realize its your sacred Khand Yoga and feared that something happened to you. The next day, they woke up to see you alive and smiling from Dwarakamai.

I imagine the day when you went to the near by village Rahata to meet Kushal Chand. You were so friendly with him. Wish it was our home and you visited us Sai.

There were days when no one even bothered you. They never knew your powers and that you are an incarnation. You were sitting with a tin in a Hanuman Mandir. A devotee came that way worried about arranging money for his marriage. You told him that if he wants 1000 or 2000 he must receive from you because people are too selfish these days. But he wondered what can this Fakir with a tin give me and moved to your uncles home asking for money. His uncle proved to be selfish as Saibaba had mentioned earlier. So he came walked back to you and you assured him that you will bless him with some good earnings. True to your words, the devotee got a small work and the man gave jewels to be offered to the bride.

Wish I had seen this episode of this devotee sitting near you Sai. I always imagine how Saibaba looks like when he was no body. I don’t like the photos I see where you are with shining thrown and golden crown. I wish to Saibaba the way he was living in Shirdi. Sai, You must have worn torn clothes and led a very simple life. Did we forget your real nature? If you don’t take me in time machine to the days you lived in Shirdi,  How can I come back and say how Saibaba really lived.

Why are there very few stories about you for us to learn about your life.

Wish I had followed you day and night all the years you lived in Shirdi and wrote an article about your day to day life every single day. May be, someone really had done this and hide this treasure some where. May be not because you want us to just know very little about you.

How can I forget the day when you played with Shama and Tatya.

How can I not imagine the day when nobody came to see you. It was a hot summer while you were with Tarkadin Dwarkamai and told him “Bhau, someday, people will come to this Dwarakamai like ants come to have sugar.”

Sai, please send the time machine at least in my dream.

We shall meet. Speak and play.


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  • Omm Sairam Venkat ji,
    Nice write up,enjoyed reading your post.l have found some literature on Baba’s day to day life

  • Sairam! I too often imagine what life must have been like in Shirdi when Sai lived there physically. What I often imagine is that I was a little girl going to Chavdi procession. How I wish I could see that now, that is my wish if it was possible. Jai Sairam!

  • jai sairam… it is true and wishing that time should come. when that time will come. Every one will follow his messages and 11 commands . Every sai devotee truely try to follow to the best of their capacity and lead a life in society. Then only that time will come………… Jai sairam

  • truly well written, for me too I hate all these latest technologies, phone, internet and every day there is new technology, hate this stressful life, going behind money for some purposes. I wanted to go away from my present life leaving everything. wanted live like olden days.

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