Saibaba saved my Father

Sairam friends,

Yesturday, I called my Ma from work. She was feeling better and I hence I also felt relaxed. We got appointment with Doctor this morning for checkup.

We are bunch of friends who do little work regularly in Saibaba temple. I don’t like to call it Seva as that’s the most misused term. We enjoy doing it and hence we do it.

Every night, we have a chat for 20 minutes before we start home. One of this friend of mine had met with a minor accident and hence we all went to see him in his house. Another guy who had come to see him saw his injury on face and got fainted. We sprinkled water, woke him up and he started laughing as he din’t imagine he would faint. I told him that you are fainting like my Dad as he also can’t bear if something happens to me and my Ma.

I reached home only at 10.15 and spoke to my Father while he was busy making garland for the Goddess in our Colony Siddhi Vinayaka temple. He regularly does that for the past few years.

I slept off and suddenly woke up around 3.30 A.M.

I went to my parents room and found my Father drinking water saying he feels like fainting. He also laid down on the bed immediately. One of this Nurse taught me that if someone faints, we must never let them lay down. So I lifted him and made him sit. Usually, when ever my Father faints, he never lets me hold him and force him to sit. I write this because you must know this. People who faint will be so tired that they will only want to lay down and you must never let them lay down. I kept massaging his back and hands and asked him to breath in. He usually won’t listen but I force him to listen to me and do what ever I say.

I was asking my Mom to bring Glucose water, Mix Udi and Sugar for him to drink. This time, he was in a very bad condition. I told him that I won’t let him go. I simply asked him to stay strong and chanted Sai’s name. To my shock, even after having all Sugar and Glucose water, he againt was in a dizzy state. My Ma added salt with Sugar and gave him. People who have electrolyte imbalance needs to be given sugar mixed with salt.

After 20 minutes, he told us that he’s feeling better but I wasn’t convinced and kept asking him to breath in and drink water. I felt very painful but I control my emotions during such time. Later, he got little better. I told him that I would leave him only if he could stand by himself. I asked my Ma to bring the Kumkum from my room which I offered to Shiv Ling while I did Rudra Abishek Pooja.

Finally it took 30 minutes for me and my Mom to bring my Father back to life.

Few years back, My Mom and myself used to shout and scarem bothering the neighbours. These days, we learned to be within ourselves. We know what to do when ever my Father faints. The problem is he din’t had food properly since my Ma was sick. He also slept too late.

I could certainly co-relate this incident with the dream I had yesturday.

It was like my parents and myself were in the Saibaba temple. Someone is preventing my Father from doing what he wanna do. Later, I argue and help my Father. Later, Sai asked me to offer sweets to him.

So today, I offered sweets for devotees in temple.

I had this dream yesturday at 3.30 AM and today during the same time my Father fainted. I thanked Sai for saving my Father.

Sometimes, when my parents are sick, I don’t know whom to take care of. I was focusing on my Ma and my Pa fainted. I only have my Sai to help me out.

Last night as soon as I reached home, I saw Sai’s portrait in my room.

I told him what am I going to do writing about this girl in StarSai regularly? I don’t know her and there seems to be no way I could even share all these experiences with her. I only went through a state of living between reality and dream all these months. I pleaded him to show me a way and guide me in dream.

But after my Father was saved, I felt thankful for this girl because the past 2 weeks, I am regularly chanting Sai’s name with her name. I read few scriptures and found her name not only denotes Truth. It also means Purity. Hence, I chanted her name with Sai’s name continuously. I also believe she’s pure and has a beautiful heart. Let her be blessed and I am sure Sai will bless her parents too.

There are people who used to ask me this -” You do so much for Sai but why your life is like this?”

Like What?

Sai has saved my Father because I he knows my parents are my treasure.

For people who don’t believe in Sai dreams or how Sai works, what ever I say might be foolish.

You must live my life to learn how Sai works.

Apart from Sai’s blessings, you also must be devoted, pure and involve in good deeds.

When you are pure and remember Sai, no harm will fall on you or your family.

Sai will protect your dear one’s.

Om Sai Ram


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