Saibaba blessed me with Panchamukha Hanuman in dream

Panchamukha Hanuman
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Since I am working on multiple projects, I am not able to post some stories in StarSai. Actually, 4 days back, I had a dream as if I am attending an exam. I was too casual and hence I simply copy Lord Ganesha’s essay and submit it as answer. The person who evaulates the papers laughs at me as he came to know I just copied and submitted. When he questions me, I reply as below

“Why are you doubting me. I must have originally written but I was too casual. You know I have even written a book on Lord Ganesha?”

What I understood is this

  1. Saibaba wants me to write a book on Lord Ganesha. I don’t have enough knowledge as of now. I shall do it some years later
  2. What ever I do, I must give my 100% dedication and do it originally. I must not be casual and work hard to make a mark in life.

So from that day, I started working for my projects believing Sai and Lord Ganesha’s blessings are with me.

On Monday morning, I had another dream.

It was like this…

My Father and myself were walking inside a Bus Stand in Coimbatore.

I suddenly see a very beautiful and big Hanuman statue kept in the middle of the bus stand. The Hanuman is playful and hence he considers me as a child and winks at me. We both walk few more steps and surprised to see two more statue. One was Hanuman statue as before and another was a very huge Panchamukha Hanuman – Hanumanji with five divine faces.

We walk inside a shed and see a saint. He seems to be good and a little boy was near us. He tells something good to my Father and myself. I just don’t remember what he says. I slightly doubt if he’s a good saint or a false saint but anyway, the whole dream experience was good.

That’s the dream. I woke up and felt good.

We went to a Hanuman temple situated in the highway.

What I understood is that Hanuman does the following

  1. He will remove the dirt in our mind and our life.
  2. If some relationship is hurting you, worship Hanuman. Either, he will fix it or help you to get rid of the person.
  3. If any bad habit cannot be ignored easily, meditate on Panchamukha Hanuman. He will take care of you and help you.
  4. If you have people who always try to put you down, this Hanuman will lift you up.

Shirdi Saibaba has a huge respect on Lord Hanuman. Infact there’s a Hanuman temple near Sai’s Dwarakamai.

Thanks Sai for inspiring me to worship Hanumanji

Om Sai Ram


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