Wondering why Saibaba again blessed me with a dream as if I bow down to Indian flag

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last night, I had been to Printing house as my Father and his friends were decorating Goddess in different forms in the local Ganesha temple on behalf of Navratri. He wanted to paste each of these 9 forms of Goddess in the temple. My Father asked me to get it printed or he himself will do it. So I thought its better I do it for him. I reached home late and worked on my project. I slept of at around 1 o clock. Early in the morning, the nerves in my left leg suddenly curled and I could not bear the pain. I kept calm as parents were near and came out of the room. The pain was excruciating for over 10 minutes. I even felt like fainting but managed.

When ever the nerves twist, I pray Saibaba that it must not happen while I am driving car. I get this pain once every few month.

Anyway, before I woke up due to pain, Saibaba also blessed me with a beautiful dream.

It was as if I am going to a school with many kids with me. All of us are walking ahead. The school seems to be situated in a conjested place. I walk ahead and reach the terrace. From the distance I could see they have hoisted the Indian National flag. I am saying something to myself or may be, taking an oath. I completely forget what I spoke. All I could remember is that I bow down to Indian flag from the school terrace and some kids were near me.

That’s it. As soon as I had this dream, the nerves in my leg got curled and I woke up with pain.

Here’s the fact – I did start a project for India but I stopped it as I don’t have enough time. Secondly, its hard to work on something at night alone. You easily get tired. I wanted to do something to encourage students and professionals to adopt to continuous learning and grow ahead in their career.

I really don’t know what Saibaba wants me to do. I also know that its a bad omen when nerves in my leg curl as I am used to it. Some bad incident will happen or Baba asks me to be careful with the project!

Basically, Sai asks me to work on something but he also warns me about the consequences of working on such project. Baba wants me to accept it because if we must do something for others ( for the Nation), we must sacrifice a little. Ofcourse, Saibaba also gave me a plan to earn my living even if I face problems at work. Baba himself blessed me to work on another project which seems to be successful!

Most of us are not able to think about serving the nation or people in need because we are tied to a job or depended on a job. We must be bold enough to serve the Nation no matter what happens.’

Note – I kept my projects as a secret as it still did not got shape. Hope Saibaba shows me a way. I also heared this song being sung in dream – Sare Jahan se acha

Not sure where Sai takes me!

Om Sai Ram


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