Saibaba blessed with dream as if we show Aarti to Coconut tree

Sairam friends,

Last evening, I tried to go Nagasai mandhir but could not make it. So I came home directly. I din’t do any work at night and slept off. I had a dream as if my Father gets chest ache and my Ma calls me. Then I sprinkle Udi from Shirdi over his face and Sai saves him. I woke up after this dream and realized why Baba showed me this dream. Some dreams makes sense when we relate it to other things happening in our life.

Then I had another dream. I see myself, My Ma and Pa standing in the side of our home where there’s coconut tree. It was dark and we take Aarti to the Coconut tree. Then I come into our house when the lamp is still glowing. I felt really divine while I saw this dream. I woke up again after this dream and was not able to sleep again. I kept thinking why Saibaba showed as if I show Aarti to Coconut tree?

There are many Sai leela associated with Coconuts. In early days of Saibaba – i.e 1890, there was a rumour in Ahmadnagar district that there lives a Poor Fakir in Shirdi. If any one needs blessing of baby, they can offer him a Coconut and if he accepted it and returned it back, they will be blessed with a child.

Once when a women devotee offers Coconut to Saibaba and asks him to return it to her with blessing, Sai laughs and asks Shyama “Shyama, How is that people think a Coconut can offer a baby?”

Shyama replied “Baba. Its not the coconut but your words of blessing andĀ  Your assurances which comes true”

Baba then gives the Coconut to the women and she comes back to Saibaba with in 12 month along with her husband and baby.

Coconuts are divine and can be related to Kalash which is used in Temple. The 3 eyes of coconut is compared to 3 eyes of Lord Shiva. When we break Coconut, we are breaking our obstacles in life and also our ego and inner enemies like bad habits etc.

Few years back, I used to light lamps to Saibaba with Coconut. This Coconut lamp pooja is done by hundreds of devotees after they read in StarSai

Coconut Lamps Pooja to Shirdi Saibaba

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  • Everything in nature is divine and due for respect .Baba’s Blessings. Shri Sainathayanamaha.

  • sairam

    May be …. YOU WILL TRAVEL TO SABARIMALA with iru mudi containing coconuts and shall write ur experience in saistar….


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