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Fed up when Saibaba doesn’t answer your prayers

Sairam friends,

Yes i have been through this feeling of being dejected by our own Mother Sai. At times i ask saibaba, i pray you so much and you never bother to help me . Its been years and you never show your grace on me.

Saibaba Answers your prayers by his love and care on you

Saibaba Answers your prayers by his love and care on you

The irritating feeling when your prayers are not answered by Shirdi Saibaba is worst possible that it might lead you to stop worshipping sai maharaj. Trust me , if theres something sai is very much pained its when his devotees are purposely ignoring him just because he has not fulfilled their wishes.

How to Love Saibaba of shirdi even when prayers are not answered :

Do this simple test on yourself.

Can you live with out shirdi saibaba. If you fine .Do it.

Even then can you ignore your mother just because she was not able to fulfill your hearts desires. In some family,there might be a sad incident because of which they avoid doing pooja for saibaba and going to temples etc.

What ever may be the reason, Its natural tendency to get upset when we don’t get what we want. The feeling is ok but how strongly you take it to your heart is what that matters .

Please say saibaba your worries and that you are disappointed. At the same time never ignore your devotion. Its not the artificial rituals light lighting lamps etc that you physically do that reaches saibaba . What reaches saibaba is your unconditional love on him .

My desire to have my own Camera :

It was 1997 when i was in first year of college and i desired so much to have my own Professional camera. I was not able to get it as it was not affordable for my father. One of my aunt promised to get it from U.S but she also “cheated me” if the right word was used. Ofcourse if you give words to some one , especially for kids , you have to fulfill their wish .

All my Photography dedicated for Sai children  :

Later in 2001 after 5 years my father got me a professional camera. In 2006 my sister got me a digital camera . Trust me untill now i have used my camera more for taking saibaba statue in my house rather than anything. I have never used it commercially though i was into photography.

Probably saibaba wants me to serve him alone and make millions of his devotees happy by taking beautiful photography with shirdi saibaba statue in my house.

I was really upset for years when saibaba dint got me a camera. All my college life was spent without  a camera of my own and i had to beg to others to practice photography.

I used to go to Saibaba temple in my place and cry to saibaba why he cant get me a professional camera for years . Now that i got my camera and take pictures of saibaba , sai made me a instrument to spread his beautiful leela and glory.

It took 10 years for me to give up the desire to become commercial photographer. Sai did gave me what i want but he made me go through so much failures in my career and pulled me to his service that now i don’t feel like photographing any thing else other than Our sweet Saibaba.

Saibaba answers your prayers for sure :

Hope you realized from my experience the great assurance of shirdi saibaba

“There will be no wants in the house of my devotees ”

Saibaba did gave me what i prayed for – A camera at the same time sai has decided before 10 years itself that my passion for photography must be diverted to his service and not any other artistic or commercial motive. Probably theres still more to what i might do with the camera and my little photographic and filmmaking skills.

As of now i am happy because when you offer all that you know and learnt for the service of Sai devotion, Then your life gets meaningful.

Similarly, what ever your prayers are, sai will surely answer it. May be at present saibaba cannot as your planetary situation is not good or probably saibaba wants to give you the best in the days, month or years to come.

I waited 10 years

Count your days from this moment. Keep chanting sai sai sai, offer flowers to sai all these are only external expression of your love on saibaba…deep inside TRUST



your saibaba.

Have faith that the moment you gave yourself to saibaba, then sai will take care of you.

Om sainathaya namaha

C.Venkat Raman

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  • It is true Saibaba will test your patience and devotion to him. I have experienced a lot myself….but I never gave up my trust in him.. he knows when to give you what you want…Always remember his saying “TRUST AND PATIENCE….

  • Jai sairam,

    My unforgettable mantra in my life is SHRADDHA AN SABURI
    Never ever give up on SAI.
    H e will manifest himself in some way. We have to be always cautious Otherwise we might miss himm.

    He has always showered his affection and grace on me and my family in times of calamity from 1997 . Iam grateful to him but at the same time, intense desire to see him in his original form . I am confident he will answer my prayer .

    SAIRAM ,

  • Sai Baba gives us everything right at the right time. It’s just that we can’t understand when is the right time and sometimes when we feel that Sai Baba is not giving us something, we must interpret that it is not the right time to get that thing and hence, Sai Baba is not giving us that thing.

  • sai baba is great helper of the helpless.i have experienced in all my prayers.keep praying to him.he will bless everyone.

  • Sai Baba has given me peace in my life, he is with me, he is helping me in all ways.
    Sai ram knows all his devotees need and he fullfills our needs.

    I want his blessing throughout my life.

  • I have no words to say…I am going through many down phase of my life and yesterday I said Sai Baba that i am going to break all my relation with Sai baba because he not with me and Sai baba dont love anymore….well even i didnot offer anything to sai baba…..but I cannot believe that how come i got this web page and i read it said true that Sai Baba know very well what is good for us…I am sorry Sai Baba for what i told him and not offering him anything for the first time and only I know what i felt in this two day..true I cannot live without Sai Baba at all …I love you Sai Baba so much…you are only one for me…..Baba please let mom dad come to you on 10th jan ..I know you know what is good for us ..and i am sure you will give me what is best for me….Sai baba love you……plzz be with me as you always do… all you children all the time…..and i know you will….

  • I am so fortunate to find this website. I was surfing youtube and found this site. I don’t know whether I am really a deep devotee of baba but I feel I am. I had lots of experiences with baba. He is giving me everything what I asked for. Recently I went through severe pain when I was not able to find job for seven months. My dad said that my planetary positions are not good so baba is waiting for the planets to do what they have to do. I did lot of sins and I know I have to suffer for that. Still at one point of time I shouted on baba crying that he doesn’t care for me. Is that true? Not really. He cared for me a lot. Even he made that suffering so easy for me that honestly there was not much pain. My father is also a very deep devotee of baba. He also started thinking baba is not listening to us. I do nitya parayana of sai charitra. My heart knew that I was suffering for the sins that I have made. One day I stood before baba and prayed him NOT TO LET ME DO BAD THINGS AND PLEASE WARN ME AND STOP ME FROM DOING BAD. Some times baba tests us how devoted we are. He tested and proved my devotion towards baba. I realised that I am not completely devoted. I stood before him saying that you showed me my devotion towards you. I told him I will suffer all the pain but I will not leave your foot. I will wait with saboori till you answer me. That magic happed after a week. Baba responded. I got the job finally after seven months. Before interview I talked with couple of people. What ever chat I had with them, the same questions were asked in the interview. This is all baba’s leela. He made me talk to those people and he made them talk the same things that I would be facing in the interview.

    I am not a perfect person till now.. Still I do some stupid things. But I am getting very strong towards baba and he will take of me. Every day while praying I tell baba that my complete responsibility is his. He is taking care of that.

  • thank you venkat raman sir,its really baba grace to read articles in
    ur service will definitely please sai ma..
    baba plz always be seated in ur childrens heart,om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
    jai sai ram

  • I too am waiting for baba’s response to my prayers.I had many miracles in the past where I experienced Bab’s true love.But for some reason,he is giving a hard time for me now .There may be a reason but I feel so frustrated some times.But I don’t want to leave baba’s feed.I have no place if baba turns me away.
    he is our mother and will always be for us.

  • om sai ram plese give support to depolyed my life on seva & other activity what i think past . OmSai Shree Sai Jay Sai . Saroj,CSPur, BBSR, Orissa

  • I have been waiting for the last several years, but sai has never answered my prayers. There are so many instances when we have blindly put faith in him, but it always hit us back. The more we went closer to him the more he threw us away. Why this stepmotherly treatment to us. We have been pushed to the edge. Whatever we do, however we do, nothing succeeds. We have never had greed in our mind, just want a simple living and earn our livelihood with honour and respect, and not by doing anything or anyone any wrong. Now i have no hope of any support from sai. feel all the promise he made are false. He does not help people who are really in need.

  • sairam….since 1997 he is with me…yet smiling with me in failures and lots of questions lots of leela’s each time every test defeated bt my heart is not defeat getting strength becoz sai is in my heart sai is in my smile…sai is in my tear…
    he is smiling wnever i saw the flower :):):)

  • sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai rams sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram

  • great experience,great miracles,great wonders……….these are what i was experiencing last one year 6 months
    om sai ram
    srinivas sastry

  • saibaba never test us…He will give us what we want immediately and make us to realize that he only gave us….if we have real faith on HIm he never let us down..and he never test us…with faith if we read his sarithram immediately he will make us a matured person and fulfill our wishes with no time…PAKKUVA PADUTHUVAR PARUNGA…APPA APPA SOLLA MUDIYATHU…..SOLLA MUDIVATHA ELLAM OM SAI OM SAI OM SAI THAN….

  • MRS.KIRTHI please dont get disappointed..def. u will get lot of blessings from SAI…once you get sai sarithra book and beg him wholeheartedly what u want…but u should not think about others fall….pray for your development…def…by the end of sarithra u will get what u want…Mrs. KIRTHI please try once…HE NEVER LET US DOWN…

  • I have not give up my hope faith trust in sai, I have faith he will grant my prayers in all things thats is my true faith& trust in Sai
    He knows all about me
    As Sai Baba has says Have Trust & patience all will be take care at the right time

  • He is not answering mine , I know he hasnt put me through worst but things that i need and i want are just missed as they r not in my control … I try my best , but i know its he who has to give us .. I need him to give me life .. a chance to have trust in him ..a chance to live my life … i m loosing hope because for me ..everything is him and he is not responsding .. what is he trying to prove? I am asking to give me little help on things that i dont have control on . He is never answering to me .. baba , please help me..dont fail me .. i dont have any go.. u know it

  • Om sai ram….
    He does answer my some desires but one thing that I am asking him since few months seems to be getting away from me.. and I cant understand why is he not responding…
    I always thank him when I get any happiness…but why not this without which I just cant live and I dont have much time to wait for…I dont want any materialistic thing….I do trust Sai baba and Sai baba please answer my prayers soon as I dont have much time … please Sai baba forgive me for any wrong deeds.. please help me and dont fail me………u know what I want please fulfill my desire.. I dontwant anything else in my life…PLease forgive me and answer my prayers..

  • baba i god financial problem please help me. my marriage is their to fix and i have to purchased jewellery please help me baba

  • Om Sri Sai Ram…

    Patience and Trust on Sai Baba are really necessary in life…Baba is always with his devotees…At the last he will definitely give us the best which we deserve…He will never allow us to break in life or give up life…So, always trust him and have patience ….and Love all and make everyone happy…Baba’s blessings is with everyone…

  • Om Sri Sai Ram,

    Please please help my uncle. please please cure his cancer. Please reduce his pain. He is a nice man and he has helped us a lot.All my relatives are suffering seeing him in pain. I know you will cure him once his karma is washed away, but please reduce his pain and fill hope in him.

    Thank you baba for all the things and for this life.

    Om namo Shirdi vaasaya namaha.


  • I have some worries in mind. When I read this I feel little releaved. Happy I saw this site.

  • om sai ram

    sai mujhe nahi pata hai ki ya hone wala hai mai sirf itna janti hu ki meri har pareaani e nikal kar yaha tak laane wale mere hanumaanji aur aap hai,aur ab jo bhi hoga woh aap dono hi karoge muje to aap mai hanumaanji aur hanumaan ji mai aap najar aate ho.kyoki such mai abka malik ek hai.bus aap humesa meri sahyata karna autr mera margdarshan karna.mujhse kuch galat mat hone dena mujhe har pal aapki jarurat hai.mujhe aapka pyar chaiye aur man mai ek ajib si icha jaagi hai ki ab mai apne man ki har baat aapko batugi par magugi kuch nahi kyoki aapne mere liye jo sahi socha hai woh to aap mujhe sahi samay par denge hi .par ab mai ab aapke darsan chahti hu a aap mai leen ho jaana chahti hu
    kripa karo sai

    om sai ram

  • Baba I want to have your Dharshan……… Plz bless me………….. Pull me to you…….. Let all my senses satisfied with your Dharshan. I love you baba……..

  • Babaji apke pass ana chati hu ticket book karne walli hu 9th Oct..Bahut happpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hu bahut jyada mere problems tho aap jante ha….apse koi complaints nahe ha lekin demand bahut sara ha Nirmal babji bolte ha apse demand karo kuyki app hi ha jisse demand kar sakte ha kitna bi bada aur kitna bi jyada….aur good thing is time ana par aap help bi karte ho.

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you baabji.

    Please give me peace of mind & also control my thoughts……sai baba don’t leave me ….bless me always
    Sai Baba Ki Jai..

  • om sai ram. every one bow to shree sai and peace will be their. say shree sai ram and he will be in every ones heart. he knows every him and keep doing your work. sai baba helps you in all situtation. om sai nath maharaj ki jai …………

  • Sai Ram,

    I want to tell all my sai brothers ans sisters that Have faith in Sai… It never happens that he doesn’t answer our prayers…… No single prayer goes waste ever. HE has a record, a permanent record, unmanipulative. We have to at times analyse ourselves whether are we fair in whatever we are asking. are we acting according to how we are supposed to , to acheive what we have asked? At times our desires are many and also contradictory, so why blame SAI. He cannot see his childen suffering, thts true. nothing can be acheived without patience. So please be patient and have total faith in Sai .

    Special thanks to Venkatji for such a beautiful website. MAY SAI BLESS ALL.
    Also thank you for Shradda Saburi Pooja.



  • Baba, I fully believed and trusted you all along and I could not believe that this happened to my family. you know what I am referring.I sincerely wish you will help comfort us and bring us success in future.thanks,baba

  • Sai baba, you have only made me strong each day….if it were not for your blessings and support, we would’ve never made even this far. Thank you for everything.

  • Om Sai Ram!!

    I alway feel Sai Ram is there with me. But most of my paryers are unanswered. I still have faith on him and will never lose. If our paryers are not answered then it means it is not the good time to give what we asked.
    We have to patiently wait. He will surely give us at the right time. I have experienced it.

    I always wanted for a good job for more than 2 yrs. But i didnot get the opportunity. But all of a sudden i got one very good job which i was dreaming for yrs, at the right time , which helped me a lot…

    Pls keep faith on him. He will be with u always…..:)

  • I have deep faith in Sai Ram. I always like to pray Sai Ram. Sai Ram please cure my daughter. Sai Ram Jai Jai Sai Ram. I can’t see any more my daughter sick. Sai Ram please help me and cure my daughter.

  • babaji i love you…u know my pro god and i know ur with me looking at my pro and solving it…..plz you know tat i need it ASAP to see pride in my parents eye again after 1st job i had nver seeen them being proud of me bz i have nothing to proof them they dnt belive on my saying which u know is true tell me god wot should i do answer my prayer please….u know problms in my house we have to pay to all them ASAP plzzzzzz god plzzzz help as u can only help me i need you plzzzzz gimme todays thursday gift which ill alwz cherish plzzzzzzzzzz godddd i require it my caliber my talent is wasted i want to wrk learn plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sainath i need u god………….

    OM SAI

  • i am facing with a very big problem in my life and b=not able to clear it, i have only one way to get succeeded that is worshiping SAI and onlu SAI can help me,this is my life problem and i request one and all of sai devotees to please pray for me .i really love sai and never forget to chant his name.I am facing this problem from last 9 month that is from july 1st 2010.It is my love problem.pleas dear sai devotees please pray for me


  • i and my mom read sai satcharita but still our wishes for health and marriage in house didnt get fulfilled. i dont know why baba is this partial to some.may be some sins from the past

  • please have a trust on Shree Shirdi Sai BABA JI he has done lot in my life which i canot forget in my life . Time will I shall share all my experiences . OM SAI SHREE SAI JAI JAI SAI.


    Baba please filfill my desire,only you can help me and i always trust you.Please be with me forever

  • dear readers,
    sai baba came to my life in a strange way..someone once took me(for the first time) to a sai baba temple and told me that if u look at baba and talk to him, he talks back and answers your prayers instantly..i never believed so i looked at baba and spoke to him(in my heart) about my worries about my marriage and tensions back home. i finished praying and as i turned back to leave, the mandir panditji called for me. As i looked back, i saw him calling me. i went to him and he handed over a lal chunari , a coconut and prasaad and said,”baba wants you to have this”! I was dumbstuck! Of all the people in the temple, the panditji had to call me! Sure enough, i got the best husband in the world. This was the begining of my journey with Baba..a serious of miracles kept happening,so unbelievable that i could hardly share with anyone..this site gave me a re assurance that there are people who have faith.
    Baba is a Mahaan aatma who joins us with the “maalik”, he is our guru who asks us to have implicit faith in the almighty, Faith and Patience..Baba takes care of the rest……

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