Sai, show me a way to do lots of good deeds

Sairam friends,

As I started working on few commercial projects, I realized that it is not what I earn that matters. Its about the value I bring to the ecosystem which matters. You can’t expect anything no matter what work you do. If people are benefited by your work, that’s a good karma. Sometimes, I feel that even these commercial projects becomes charity when clients don’t pay me…he he..

Anyway, After all these years of sufferings and set backs, I keep asking myself if there’s something I could do that would wash away all my sins and bless me with a better life?

I always look for doing something good. Something that changes others lives or makes them happy. Irrespective of what I gain,my deeds must be benefitial for others.

Saibaba usually gives opportunity to do good karma but for that too, we need his blessings.

Some people will never be able to do good deeds even if they have good heart.

So you need Guru’s grace to involve in doing good.

Further, I am mislead by what Saibaba want’s to do for India as I kept having dreams of Saare jahaan se acha.

I can’t understand what exactly Sai wants me to do.

I am getting late for work



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