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Sai really lives in every Shirdi Saibaba photo

Sairam friends,

Something struck me this morning. During Sai Baba’s life time in Shirdi itself, some shops were selling Baba’s painting. I have read articles where some devotees who wishes to get Baba’s ashirwad will buy a Saibaba photo from a shop in Shirdi, give it to Baba and request him to touch it and bless them. Saibaba photos were sold in Shirdi even during 1904.

If a copy of Baba’s photo is fallen down and a devotee stamps it with his leg unknowingly, Sai used to roll in Dwarakamai as if someone is stamping him with legs. Finally, he will request a devotee to search for his photo in the crowd assembled in Sabha mandap outside Dwarakamai. The moment the Sai photo is taken safely in hand, Sai used to calm down. Sai did this miracles especially to prove that he lives in every single photo we have.

These days, People Share Saibaba photos easily online with their friends and through social media. Remember. Do not send Saibaba photo to a group in cloud messaging platforms since you never know if every one loves Saibaba. Do not think you are serving Baba by posting his photo in such cloud messaging platforms. Be careful about handling Sai’s messages and photos. Its a humble request.

Secondly, I have seen many devotees expressing their love towards Saibaba through his Photo.

Before reading the experience from a Sai friend of mine, please have a look at Sai below link

Shirdi Saibaba Photos

Here’s a beautiful Devotees experience..

Jai Sairam!

I would like to share a miracle about this photo, that I saw for the first time ever about 3 weeks ago. On Thursday March 12th, 2015, I applied for a job that I had been wanting for about 8 yrs! Before applying, I did Sai Namavali and applied kumkum to Baba Photo I have. Just as I was doing that, a thought occurred in my mind that if Saibaba accepts my kumkum, it should stick well on the glass and that would mean that I would be successful in getting the job. Normally it’s hard for dry powder to stick to the glass but that day, the kumkum stayed on the glass (on Baba’s forehead). Then I finished the application form online and submitted it by saying Sai’s name. Suddenly I felt like I should look at a Baba photo online.

Odd considering I had several Baba photos where I was sitting in the living room, yet I opened the browser and wondered which site I should go to. Then I thought of StarSai and saw the photos link. I clicked on that and the first photo that I happened to choose to enlarge to view was the photo shown above! It was not visible in the thumbnail pic till I enlarged but once I enlarged the pic, what I saw is the beautiful kumkum applied to Baba’s forehead. I was in shock and excited because I felt that Baba accepted my kumkum and blessed me.

At that point, I wasn’t even thinking of the job itself but the fact that I saw Baba’s photo with kumkum so vividly showing like it was freshly applied was miraculous! I have visited Starsai often but never clicked that photo link nor had I seen any of the photos there before. Since then, the interview and all formalities went well despite it being tough, and I got the job offer!

Every single moment, Baba blessed me and protected me and help came from all sides due to his grace. Every time now I look at this photo and Baba’s kind eyes, tears come to my eyes that Baba showered his blessings/kindness on me. Amazing that I had never seen this photo before that day and now it’s my all time favorite photo. Also amazing is that the company that I am joining, its logo is blue shape and I see that as a halo here. I wanted the interview to be on a Thursday but it was scheduled for a Tuesday and I was disappointed because nothing on a Tuesday works for me. Miraculously, with Baba’s grace, it went well.

The same evening I went to local Baba temple and guess what, the dress that Baba wore was EXACTLY the same color as the one shown here!! I bow to our beloved Sai and pray that he always has his hand blessing me and everyone I love and all the devotees in the world.

Bolo Shree Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!


Hope you like this leela friends. I have this Saibaba photo in my Parents room and have kept him there to take care of my Ma and Pa. Yesterday, My Ma was saying she’s not feeling well. I have a Neem leaf which I took and softly rubbed over this Saibaba’s eyes and thanked him for being there for us.

Sai likes it when we show our devotion on him in any ways possible.

Sai blessings,



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  • Real Leena. I too praying for my friends family to give them peace and make her daughter to walk and be like normal child.

  • Sairam
    i love my sai baba forever. baba’s loves is endless n priceless.
    Sai baba always stays in the hearts of his devotees forever and take cares of them.
    Sai baba is everything for me. Sai baba please take care of my mom my dad my brother my krishna n me and all the devotees.
    jai sairam

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