Sai rarely stops you from wrong doing. You are free to do all that you desire. Don’t come back to Sai.

Sairam friends,

This Thursday, I wish everyone of you finds peace in life.

Something that I have noticed in Sai devotees is that they don’t necessarily give up their bad habits or little wrong-doings. They continue to proudly call themselves as Sai devotee, keep a Statue near them or in pocket, Go to temple when ever they wish and “Like” Sai photos on Social media(LOL), if that means showing that “I am also a Sai devotee”.

I myself try to analyze if I am really living the way Baba expects me to live? Honestly not.

At times, I think of things I must not think being a Sai servent.

I rarely do anything wrong but am I all pure? I also do little mistakes once in a while.

It happens in everyone of us because we are tempted by our desires and our ego is too big for us to lead life the way Sai expects us to live.

Having said that, I have come across several situations when Saibaba stopped me from commiting a sin or even taking a wrong decision in life.

Why should Saibaba take so much care on us that he stops us from doing a mistake. At times, I have realized Saibaba does not say a word even if we do a mistake. Sai maintains his silence.

One thing you must understand is “All that you do is known to Sai”

When you are deeply devoted to him, he stops you from wrong doing. When Sai has not stopped you from taking a wrong decision or doing a mistake, it means he has taught you a lesson through that experience.

Example – So many girls write me about their relationship issues. I always request them to move on with life and take it positively because it has happened before they got married. When you are married, you will can’t get rid of the relationship easily even when your soul mate doesn’t respond to your love and care.

You might have done a small mistake of hurting your friend. This experience too is greatly going to make sure you don’t do it again.

Some devotees tell me that they have commited a blunder and wanted Saibaba to help them now. Did Saibaba shouted at you when you did a mistake? He was silent right?

That’s why Sai is silent even when you seek for help.

Sai is not a Saint who stays away from you

Your “Doing” is Saibaba

The saint called Sai is actually “WHAT YOU DO”

If you do good, Sai will take care of you.

If you do bad, still Sai loves you but he lets you gain some wisdom, have immense patience and then will come to your rescue.

All these words are not written like an article.

I have been deeply wounded by years of experience and love for Sai. I might have left Sai when he was silent. I did not do it because I understand him and his ways.

Such is our Sai

Its not easy to be with him during the worst situation in your life.



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