Sai, Please heal me

Sairam friends,

I am not sure what Saibaba has in his mind for me because I do what ever I believe is instructed by Saibaba. Eventually, Sai might have made me do things just for experience to understand what’s right for me. But its important to do what ever Sai instructs. I don’t wanna regret that I did not listen to Saibaba after few month or years and hence I better go by his words.

This morning, I had sprain in by back and its paining until my head. I wonder why back of my head must pain for a back sprain? Anyway, I hope Saibaba heals me by his grace.

While I was thinking about this, I could remember how Sai takes care of my parents when ever they are sick. None understands how Baba works on them but I know if for sure. This evening, I went to Saibaba temple and read 2 chapters from the holy Sai Satcharita looking at my mobile. I felt really blissful and divine.

Then, I was chanting Sai’s beautiful chanting sitting in the corner of the temple.

Many of you write me when you are in pain.

I pray Saibaba to heal you and your family members.

Sai ki jai


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