Sai, please finish this off as soon as possible


It all started with a dream on September 13/14th 2016. Since I live by your words, I reacted to it. Couple month later, I got confused. From December 2016, I am really depressed. Apart from what’s happening due to such dreams and the way I reacted to it, I feel guilty that I must have avoided speaking about it to anyone.

I must have kept silent and never talked about it.

Firstly, None knows the way you work.  Even if I had reacted to your dream, I must have not mentioned about “Sai” and his “Dreams”. Its like, I have degraded the value of my sweet Guru in a world which doesn’t understand “Sai”.

Until now, I am suffering as I can’t even say how Sai was involved in the whole episode. I am fed up now and wanted to finish this off. I am also worried about my parents health and few other plans I have. I wanted to stay lonely most of the time and chant Sai’s holy name. I don’t wanna bother anyone, anymore. What ever happened is confusing me and I don’t know whom to ask for a guidance.

The only lesson I learnt because of this issue is that what ever dreams I get, I must not react to it immediately. I must think and act. If only I had waited 2-3 month calmly, I would have been able to avoid all these problems and lived peacefully as I never bother any girl – atleast not in Sai’s name.

As I am getting old, I felt its better to focus on something productive that can change others life.

I wanted to be calm for next few days until you show me a way.  I just wanna finish this off!

Sai blessings


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  • Om Sai Ram!

    Shri Sai Babaji is antaryami and he knows all that you are going through. He will surely guide you in everything.

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