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Sai loves animals – Experience of Shirdi Saibaba devotee from Coimbatore

Sairam friends,

I rarely get mails from Sai devotees living in Coimbatore and even if I do, I haven’t got any devotees experiences which I can post in StarSai. I am pleased to post this Sai devotees experience. Millions of street Dogs and other animals are leading a very pathetic life. If you take Mumbai for example, there are more than 3 lakh street Dogs. We never know how these Dogs survive without being humiliated. Probably, that’s why Saibaba has clarified to few devotees during his lifetime that taking care of animals, birds and feeding them is like feeding himself.

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Meeting an affectionate Dog in Shirdi

I am Saranya from coimbatore. I had gone through this site many times when i used to search about my sai & I have read many sai devotees experience which had made my love stronger on baba.

I would like to share one of my experience here which is miracle done by baba. Something made me now to write in this website because I had never felt this before to write here. we had trip to shirdi recently on May 7th 2015. It was a four days stay there with my family. This incident happened on 9th may 2015 saturday. Many of the sai devotees who are frequent visitors might have noticed that baba appears in the form of dog or a cat in shirdi.

We were sitting in Mukh darshan place in the Samadhi mandir and looking at baba straight from there. we noticed a dog which was roaming there. It was going behind all the devotees & asking for food or biscuits from them. All were giving which they had with them. But it dint not turned to us. We were questioning among us why it was not coming to us alone. We also dint have any food to give for it. Suddenly a miracle happened that dog came near to us and stood straight and gave its hand to my brother for a hands shake. Then the dog again gave the other hand for a hands shake to my mother. I gave my hand to shake but the dog did not reciprocate to me. Then suddenly the dog came towards me crossing my brother & mother.

It just lied down near me resting its head on my lap. After few minutes it stood up and went away. We got surprised and cannot express our feelings because the dog did not behave in this way to anyone there.. That moment I felt its none other than My Baba who came to rest on this simple devotees lap. Baba Loves us all more than we do. He has something special for each and every devotee. It will be different and not the same.

Love You Baba Always.

Om sairam!


Hope you like this simple incident friends. There are devotees who wait for Saibaba to bring happiness in their life or fulfill their desire but very few devotees accept simple incidents as a gift of Shirdi Saibaba. Do write to me from contact page about your devotion on Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai blessings


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