21 years of Photography and I hope Sai brings a light in my life

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Yesturday while I was doing some photography at work, one of this guy asking me how long have you been doing this? I told him that I started doing Photography from January 1997. That’s almost 21 years now. I still remember the day when I broke the back of the SLR camera and held it tight during the whole shoot binding the camera with a rubber band…he he…And every photograph had a flare due to light leak on the negative.

Photography is hardwork but I enjoy doing that irrespective of what I earn or don’t earn. I gave up focussing on Photography as a careerĀ  years back, as Sai never hinted me on the same. Now, I feel lost because I don’t even know what’s happening in my life.

Years back, learning anything was hard. You don’t have those Youtube videos or blogs to give you free lessons. I learnt photography with love and consider it as Goddess Saraswathi.

Couple of days back, while photographing someone, I felt as if I am forcing this girl for the shoot. Never in my lifetime had I ever photographed anyone without them enjoying the shoot or atleast not without their consent. I felt really humiliated and directly went to Saibaba temple and sat alone in Dwarakamai. I told Sai that when my parents are not well and I am not happy with few issues at work, I don’t wanna bother anyone. I just wanna keep away from all this Sai. You don’t have to respect me but my art far exceeds me because I have lived withit for almost a lifetime. I learnt photography the hard way without owning a camera all through the days I did my grad in Visual Communication.

I know what a Photographer, a Camera and “Photography” as an art is worthy of more than anyone else

My life path would have been different had I not loved Photography and Filmmaking.

Sometimes,I wish to do some kids photography professionally during weekends because seems I enjoy doing this. I love meeting new people and obviously I like kids.

After 21 years of my love for Photography, I hope Sai brings some light in my life.

And I pray the same for you.

May Saibaba bring light in your life too


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