Sai helps you get the gold out of Black Sand

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The past 2-3 days, I keep thinking what went wrong with me the moment I decided to run to one of my friend while he was teasing me? I must have simply said something to him or kept silent. What’s do wrong if any one thinks ill of me. I know what I am and doesn’t have to prove that to anyone. People tease, make fun, insult and hurt if they are your friends. You just have to behave normally.

I think that I have gone out of senses for running so fast, getting hit in the cement beam and now the thumb finger in right leg pains so much. Several times, I laughed wondering why I did that?

I think my head is full of black sand..he he…Buddhi illa.

Having said that, black sand too has some super cool heavy metals like hematite, magnatite, iron etc. If you are fortunate enough, Black sand also contines very small quantity of gold. It depends on the where the black sand is found and its kind.

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I compare gold as Knowledge and blacksand as our stupidity and ignorance. Sai is fed up handling me all these years, birth after birth.

This is how I relate to our knowledge by grace of Guru.

Sometimes, most of us don’t realize the greatness of our Guru like Shirdi Saibaba. We only act stupid and use the black sand as it is. May be, We did not realize there’s lots of preciousness hiding in the black sand.

 If we are lucky, Sai’s grace would have kept treasure of gold in every palm full of black sand in our head. he he..

And sometimes, there will be lots of black sand and no Gold. I belong to this category.

No matter how good you are as a Sai devotee, its not in how much pooja you do or what knowledge you gain. If you are not able to adjust what others speak and if you can easily loose your patience, you will only end up suffering like me.

I have lots of work to do and have little time. Sai baba recently blessed me with a dream in which he said, don’t say anything before you work on your plan.

Work on your plan and then speak it out.

So let me focus on what I do next!

Sai blessings


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