Sai, heal my ma

Sairam friends,

In 2013, when U.S Government Shutdown happened, I wrote this article – U.S Government Shutdown – Prayers for people to return to Work,Sai Bless Women and Children to get enough food

This year, I wish immigrants are allowed to live peacefully in the U.S. I support the Democrats for we have to take care of everyone and must not be harsh to people.

Having said that, I am more worried about situation in my own State in India – Tamilnadu. I see ordinary people are suffering and there’s no iniative to create jobs. I wish there’s a change soon.

Yesturday, after doing pooja at home, I went to Saibaba temple and spent 2 hours there. I walked to Saibaba colony to shop some stuff and came back to temple. I sat in the car as I wish to be alone and watched some videos on Mahakaleswar temple in Ujjain. I think that I did Rudra Abishek pooja playfully and not without following all the rules. Still, I felt blissful and believe Lord Shiva and Sai blessed me for my small effort at home.

I was really bored at night as I am not working on any project these days. I really get frustrated as Sai keeps telling me to be happy with the same job. I don’t know what I am going to do if don’t like it in future or if they don’t need me. I wish to have a Plan B though I am OK with this place as of now.

I hugged a Sai book and slept off. I had a dream early in the morning at 3.36 A.M. ( I watch the time in mobile as soon as I wake up from dream.)

It was as if my parents and myself were in the main hall of Nagasai Mandir. Then, something happens and my Father feels relaxed. Then, I take them back home. That’s it. When ever I such dreams comes, I go to my parents room and check if they are OK. I saw my Ma and Pa were sleeping well and came back. I heared my Ma again after 5.30 in the morning and checked if she’s alright. Seems, She had problem breathing from 1.30 at night. I told her she was sleeping when I checked and felt bad I din’t noticed properly.

She had tablets and slept off. I gave Udi and slept near her.  She’s better now.

I wanted to take her to Doctor but seems she’s OK now. Ever since Sai told me a dream last year that I am going to regret that I didn’t take care of my Mom properly, I am getting scared when such incidents happen. Everything seems to be fine but I have a fear in me. I will be taking her to checkup this week.

Many people say that I am lucky to be blessed with dreams. True. There are several ways I am benefited by dreams. But there are days when I also get scared since I have tendency to go by Sai’s words always.

I am going to work but with some fear.

Sai, please heal my Ma. I need her.

Bless everyone reading this. Let their Ma and Pa be blessed. Take care of parents when their children are away from them.



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