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Sai eyes and holy feet in dream

Sairam friends,

I was not able to write this morning due to power cut in our place. Usually i do my morning pooja in hurry as i share the time before starting to work between pooja and writing article in Starsai. Today i did pooja patiently and also had breakfast slowly.

I was blessed with a very sacred and beautiful dream last night around 2 o clock.

In the dream i saw two men. Ones face was scary and was hallow in the place of his eyes. I am looking deep in to his eyes doubting if he is saibaba. I realize hes not and look at the other man in his middle age.   The man had a divine aura and gives me a divine look. He approaches me with a very sacred expression in his eyes. I was mesmerized by his divine eyes and realize he is Shirdi saibaba when he was young.

I am holding the holy feet of sai and applying turmeric powder. I do it as i find sai very auspicious.

That’s the dream and its really surprising Sai gave me darshan as a middle aged man.

I woke up feeling good and when my Amma was in kitchen she told me,she could not see well and need to test her eyes.  I said shall go to doctor sometime and felt may be sai assured in dream he will bless Mom with good Vision.

Then i went to work and was sad sometimes thinking about life but afternoon i tried not to worry much.

Now i came to Shirdi saibaba temple in my hometown,lit lamps,sitting in Dwarakamai near Thulasi plant and writing this article. Whats surprising is that when i felt hungry,the dhuni priest gavr me biscuts and said his catract eye surgery is fixed tomorrow.  I told him i saw babas eyes in dream and continued to write. are the vision and light of our life.

Sai ki jai


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