Sai helped me get clarity on how to proceed with my Career

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Sairam friends,

I went to Saibaba temple last night and felt good. Apurva had already reached her office for Night shift and hence she coudn’t talk. I spoke to my Sai friend Preeti after long. Seems there’s some Snow fall in Dehradun and its very cold. I want her to learn something that will enable her to contribute better in the place she works for. She invited me to Dehradun. I won’t go any where leaving my parents. Not even for a day. So lets see! She asked if Coimbatore has a beach? Some of my Sai friends relate Coimbatore with Chennai…he he…

Akwindar messaged me now as she got permanent residency in Canada. I want all of you to be successful in what ever you desire to achieve in life. So that’s how my life revolves. Between my parents, my friends at work and Sai friends.

Sai blessed me with some clarity on how to proceed with my Career

I kept thinking how to proceed with my Career as I could feel things are not going to be smooth. May be, I am over reacting but its much better to plan rather than worrying in the last minute.

I always wanted to have my own Startup and work on some projects. My Mom keeps telling this to me. “Some people are destined only to work for others.” In 2013-14, Sai showed me a dream with a name board of the Company I plan to create and also the location. I gave up that concept. After that, I never got any approval from Sai to be on my own.

So here’s my decision

  1. I will continue to be in the same job no matter how they treat me. If I don’t like an annoying person, I have to adjust. As long as I am in Coimbatore, I am OK.
  2. At night and during weekends, I will work on my Startup project. If at all there’s something called “Getting married” in my life, I will push my Startup to the girl I marry. If not me, the girl I marry must run a Company of her own. This way, I will obey Sai by not leaving my full time job and I can also fulfill my desire of creating a company.

Everything must be done secretly.

I have lots of time to learn at work. Hence, I plan to get certifications and try to laugh inside myself when people show off. We can’t change others or expect things to be smooth. This job helps me survive and I have to go with the flow.

India is not safe country on road

Last night, I came home and my Mom said that one of my friend’s Father met with an accident. I know this guy from school and hence my Mom was upset he did not even say this to me. His Father has gone by Two wheeler and met with an accident.

When ever I see family with kids on Two wheeler, I say a prayer for them. On Sunday night, I felt like Sai is telling me, give money for Annadhan in the name of someone and pray for her for she rides as if she’s going to launch a SpaceX rocket. Is it a message from Sai or my own stupid thought process? I thought may be, I am imagining something would happen to her and getting such fear. Later, I got scared what if something really happens and gave money in her name in Sai Mandir.

I told Saibaba not to scare me with such thoughts because this is how my mind works. I first think negatively and thenĀ  gradually go to the positive side of the scale in any issue for that matter.

So that’s it.

The whole of November and December, I never did any work at night. From today, I will start to work on my Startup projects. This is just for my own satisfaction.

I am trying to wake up early in the morning as Sai suggested. Honestly, I can’t do it as of now. Will let you know if I manage to wake up early and do some work.

Sai blessings,


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