Sai, bless us to be present in the moment

Sairam friends,

I had been to Palani Murugan hill temple and felt blissful.

One of my bad habit is that I always live based on Sai dreams. Secondly, I either think of past or wonder what’s going to happen in future and how I am going to survive.  I never conciously try to be in the present most of the time.  One of the most important skill if you wanna be successful in life is learning to forget the past and living in the moment.

Unless we give up our worries and desires, we certainly cannot focus on “Now”

You gotta constaltly involved in something productive or useful. Keep doing some work. While doing that, do a chanting of Sai in some corner of your mind. I have tried this often and have been able to chant “Sai Sai Sai” atleast few minutes without getting distracted.

Prayers to Sai and Lord Murugan for all of you reading this.

Keep chanting Sai’s holy name in mind.

Live in the moment.

Om Sai Ram


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