Sai Baba gave Red Roses to everyone

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

This morning, I had been to Sai Baba temple, sat in the corner of the main hall and started reading Sai Satcharita. I felt happy for the beautiful stories we got from Hamadpant. Sai Satcharita must be read again and again if you wanted to feel Sai’s presence in your life.

I read the chapter where Saibaba cooks food for his devotees with his own hand and feeds them in Dwarakamai. The moment afternoon Aarti started, I walked out the main hall and came around the varanda. One of this old lady was packing prasad packets to be distrubuted to devotees who had given for pooja. There was a huge tray in which several such food packets were kept. As soon as she saw me, she requested me to carry the tray and place it near Baba’s padhuka’s. Only when I lifted it, I realized its so heavy. Somehow, I walked in while Aarti was going on and placed the tray near Baba. One elderly devotee requested me to switch on the fan and I did.

Later, I walked to Dwarakamai and sat facing the holy Dhuni of Baba. While sitting inside, once I read Sai Satcharita and lifted my head to see Baba. I saw 2-3 girls in front of me facing Baba and everyone had Red roses on them. I saw every lady coming in too had Red roses on them.

So I felt like Saibaba has given Red Roses today to everyone.

I had taken my Camera but never felt like taking it out. I turned to my side and found that similar Red Rose had fallen down Dwarakamai painting of Baba. So I took these photos for all of you who did not got the Red Rose!

Take it and keep it on yourself for its a gift from Sai!

I kept Saibaba photo I had printed for StarSai behind the flower and took few pictures.

Saibaba with Red Rose

Sai Baba gave Red Roses to everyone and for those who did not came to temple, its here!

May Sai Baba fill your life with abundance of love, peace and harmony!

Om Sai Ram


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  • Gud morning Venkat sir, Today i also receive a red roses from baba… as i reached to office my first job is to read your sai leela… I glad to read tis Sai Baba gave Red Roses to everyone.

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