I have responsibility towards over 60,000 Sai devotees coming here every month

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Having been into Digital Marketing for over a decade, I never apply those skills when I write in StarSai. I write what my heart wants to express. I write because that’s the only way I can engage with Sai devotees. All those you read in as a blog is simply to make sure I make you come here everyday.

I am not comfortable when people call this as a blog. This is my life. I breath here. That’s why its not clean. Like my own life, it has ups and downs. Some hopes. Some difficulties. Some days, I am positive. Occasionally, I am depressed. Everyday, I love Sai more than the day before.

There’s an injury I cause to my own self because I am opening my life for anyone to download – Few “Words” a day. Especially the moment I use the words “he he..” or write about “This Girl” whom Sai shows me in dream, I wonder if people really understand the pain I am going through. It’s not easy to be devoted to Sai in the fast paced world where people live in “Now”.

We all need everything “Here and Now”. Sai is not an instant giver. He rescues when you need his help. But he never fulfills your desires as fast as you desire it to come true. When I struggle to lead a life between dreams and reality, I express my journey truthfully.

It takes guts to publicly write one’s most personal happenings in life on a day to day basis.

If I want a story to be directly listed when someone searches for a keyword, I keep all the ingredients in the page for it to prominently show up on the search results. There are few articles I deliberately tweak to make sure they don’t get good traffic. Because unless you follow StarSai for a long period of time, You won’t understand me. So my words may not do good to people who just run into my life which is StarSai. Almost all articles in StarSai are unimportant except these two

  1. Sai Satcharita
  2. Shirdi Sai Baba Aarti

I want you to read Sai’s life. Please don’t hurry-up when you read. Just read it as a way of understanding Sai. If you have already read, simply imagine how Sai would have lived. That will do good to you and your family. Reading a Saint’s life will wash away your sins.

I want you to saturate with Sai in Music – Hence, listen to Saibaba’s Aarti. If possible try to recite Aarti. You can also chant Sai’s holy name in mind. This will take your life towards path of peace and prosperity.

So why do I tell my life’s stories in StarSai?

I am just showing you the reality of life.

No matter how deeply devoted we are to Sai, we must face our karmic consequences. 

I don’t know what sin I did in the previous several births. I am not sure how I can do something really good so that my sins would be washed away. I keep looking for opportunities to do good. Someway or the other, I am supposed to think and do good to as many as I could.

I am not a doer. During weekends, when I am at home, I ask Sai to help me “Do” something. Any good deed that can either do good to myself or others – People who could benefit from what I do.

Today, when I saw the countries from which people visit StarSai majority of them are from India and secondly the U.S.

Here’s the list of geographies from where people come here

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Saudi Arabia
New Zealand
Hong Kong

That’s nothing compared to several websites performing much better. But here I am. Sitting somewhere in Coimbatore with a decade old computer, some Gods and Sai’s photo in front of me. People come here seeking answers to their problem. I must do them a favour.

I am fascinated by small towns of India and various countries. So I had a habit of writing an article dedicating it for devotees from specific geography

From Spain with Love

Shirdi Saibaba devotees in Singapore

From Sri Lanka with Love

When people across several places come here, it makes me realize that I have a responsibility towards Sai and his devotees. Over 60% of people who read my articles regularly are passive. They will know about me and my life and I will know nothing about them. They come here to read and disappear. I don’t even know their take aways.

I firmly believe Words has power to Heal

People say my writings has helped them. Though I write about what’s happening in my life, they are able to identify similarities with their life. Its simply like a movie. You identify yourself with the charecters in the story. Some Sai devotees feel what I write as Sai’s message for them to adopt and follow. Though I am happy that my “Good Karma” by writing here has healed many people, I wish to “Do”.

A doer alone can really touch others life.

Sai was never idle.

Sai was doing some work or ther other in Shirdi.

Saibaba planted several Tulsi, watered them regularly and make a small garden where the present Samadhi Mandir stands.

Why should this saint do this “Work”.

Why did he encourage many people to do “Work”?

Because Sai’s path is Karma Marga – Path of work.

I hope Sai inspires me to do some work that the world really needs.

My work shall also be in the form of “Words”. 

I just wish to make sure people come here and feel little relaxed.

Its a temple with a thousand trees around. A river flowing across. And you as a reader – I make you relax peacefully in a palace constructed with words in the middle of this jungle of fast world.

That’s what StarSai means to me.

I have a responsibility towards 60,000 Sai devotees coming here to seek peace, good health, education and happiness in their family and prosperity in their life.

People don’t read these days. The world is dominated by images and videos. So far less people will come to StarSai in the years to come.

I hardly find people who love reading articles which gives them nothing. I give you nothing through my words. I take out something from you.

Your greed. Your desire. Your lust. Your envy. Your worries.

Drop it down and give it as dakshina to Sai.

Be yourself without carrying your wants with a desperate need to fulfill your desires.

Just feel relaxed.

Close your eyes and remember Sai.

I hope Sai shows me a way in the days to come.



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