Remembering the days I used to worship Sai, Goddess Durga and Karpagambal

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Now a days, I constantly remember good old days when I used to go to Kabaleeswarar temple and Mylapure Saibaba temple. I used to light lemon lamps to Goddess Durga. Those days, I have not seen men lighting lamps in temple. Mostly, it would be women who were inclined to light lamps.

I remember sweet little Saraswathi there. I also love Goddess Karpagambal. The fragrance of her kumkum honestly hooks me. This must be somewhere in 2003 when I was in Chennai. Later, things changed but I regularly visit Kabaleeswarar temple.

I don’t even remember how Goddess Karpagambal used to be. I just remember that I would feel blisful to have her darshan.

There was a very old man who used to stand near the corner near door in Karpagambal sannidhi and simply blabber. Think he has some physical problem and could not speak. He cannot chant or recite mantra. He simply stands in the corner and blabbers something looking at the Goddess. I love his devotion.

In March 2017, I remembered Karpagambal and slept off asking her to answer me for all that happened in the past few month. Surprisingly, she blessed me with a very beautiful dream. So this morning, I was chanting her holy name and remembering her.

When nothing happens in life, keep chanting and remembering name of Gods, Goddess or Shirdi Saibaba.

Certainly, Sai and Goddess will show a way.

Om Sri Sai Ram


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