Lots of rain and a dream in which I saw Sai and Adi Shankara

shirdi saibaba sankara
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Couple of weeks back, I had a dream as if I go to a house. The Mother had two daughters and they were in the hall. Suddenly, I realize that they actually have a temple in their home or their home itself is a temple. I see a beautiful little mandir of Adi Shankara. Then, I go near that temple and suddenly I only see statue of Shirdi Saibaba. I was surprised and wondered how it happened.

I also see another little Shirdi Saibaba statue near this big statue. Near that a statue of Lord Dattatreya.

For more than a 3-4 days, I was not able to understand this dream. There’s a Saibaba temple near my work place in Coimbatore where I had not been for more than 3-4 month. I went there on a Saturday afternoon and was surprised to see the Statues of Saibaba I saw in dream was exactly like the one in temple. I related the dream with the statue and felt happy to see some Vilva leaves ( Bilva in Hindi) offered to the big Saibaba statue. The temple also has a little Sai statue the way I saw in dream.

I realized as Sai always says “All good saints are one and they work in unision”

After this, I was blessed by another dream to worship Goddess Mokambika. I read Mookambika Sahasranama and felt blissful.

The past 8-9 month, I used to pray for this girl that she must be safe while she’s riding. Today, I saw a dream and felt Sai will take care of her. I saw lots of water in the dream which made me feel there will be good rain as I desired all these weeks in Coimbatore/Tamilnadu. We need more rain.

Just that I am concerned about heavy flood in Houston, Texas. Many people are struggling to survive and are being rescued. Baba please take care of your children.

I did not write any articles for 3 days because I am working on a project. I am really fed up Baba keeps asking me to do something for my Nation but I have very little skills. I am really doing my best to get started with the project. I just know Saibaba has a plan for me. I am calculating that I have 10 to 15 years more to do some good deed. I must not regret later that I never did anything for India irrespective of Sai asking me to do it. So hope Baba shows me a way.

Om Sai Ram


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  • Om Sai Ram Venkatji,

    I am certain all your dreams (shown by merciful Shri Sai Babaji) will come true…just the other day I saw in a passage (given near Sai Babaji’s photo) that God or Guru can be seen in your dream only when they so desire. We cannot see them on our own accord even if we wish too. For other matters, dreams do reflect what’s going on in our mind. But not so for God or Guru.


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