A promise is a Promise Sai. “We did it” – Dedicating Elephant Care site

Sairam friends,

All this morning went doing nothing. I was simply thinking what to do and din’t go to temple also. I thought parents will get upset if i often go to temple. So simply was surfing. Finally by evening my father was really upset with me that am always near the computer all these years. He said “Do something useful” he he….What ever I do doesn’t seem to be useful for the world. Not to anyone and wonder what Sai thinks of it.

One of my friend told me she felt “Sai is reading your blog” when she read starsai….Hmm….May me someday before i die the world will realize there’s something really useful in Star Sai.

He wanted me to continue studies and at least do a online course in week ends.  I said, I wanted to do Journalism and may join because I wanted to improve the way I write. Told him not to worry about me and Sai will always do good to me.

sacred elephant head of Lord Ganesha

Elephants are sacred for Hindus because of Lord Ganesha’s Elephant head

My Mom asked me to go to Suyambu Lakshmi Narasimha Perumal temple where I used to go regularly before couple of years. I went there this evening and surprisingly the I was the only devotee standing infront Lord Narasimha. He was so divine friends.

I was thinking about my life and prayed. Has tears in my eyes and kept looking at him. Today was very divine experience as the temple usually will be very crowded. Gradually few devotees came and when I was about to go, the priest told me “Kanna, can you do me a help. Get me computer sambarani

Computer Sambarani is the holy incense stick kind of stuff…wonder who named it “Computer” Sambarani. Years back, I have done photography of this machine which is used to manufacture and honestly there’s nothing related to computer in it…Just that it automates the otherwise manual work of making Sambarani, Incense sticks etc.

I went to the near by shop, got 5 boxes full of computer sambarani and gave him. He was happy and told another devotee that he asked me to get it as all the sambarani got over. Kept telling me “Thank you kanna”…I don’t know what to say but smiled and thought “let my parents don’t get upset with me for always sitting near my computer”..he he…

What really syncs here is that while I was looking at Suyambu Lakshmi Narasimhar, I looked at the mist formed in the Garbagraha due to sambarani and admired its divinity. So seems God works internally in us.

I then went to Nagasai mandhir and was there for a while. I told my friends that I need to go home soon as I want to launch the Kutti site am planning to make for Elephant care as many in Africa are killing the innocent animals and selling their tusks. One of my friend told me, In India also Rhinoceros are killed for their tusks in Assam.

I came home, had dinner and spoke to one of my close friend online. Then I started working on the small site.

What will we know to write about Elephants all of a sudden. I thought of doing it later after reading few articles. Last week itself I was telling to Sai in my mind that I wish to do a Elephant Care site and Sai approved doing it. So I don’t want to delay and simply write something that comes to my mind.

So friends, welcome to

Its just a small effort and my knowledge about Elephant care and conservation is too little.  I just want to bring it out today and it came alive. Let us learn to love all Lives on earth and use Elephant Guru to teach us so many of its positive qualities…

Elephants are considered as symbol of

Abundance, fertility and richness;

Boldness and strength; and

Wisdom and royalty.

A Promise is a Promise Sai.I did what I promised you in heart. As my sisters daughter always says as if she achieved something after playing some game “We did it” he he..

Katya often says this with lots of excitement, “We did it” and I love the way she says and have been spreading it at my work to my friends.

Its not me but Sai making me to things and I know Sai is with me when ever I wish to do something good.

Dedicating Elephant Care site to Lord Ganesha –

May your life be filled with happiness

Aum sri sainathaya namaha

Its going to be 12.40 at night now. Its good if i sleep before my parents gets upset with me. Lakshmi Narasimha please show me the right girl so that my parents won’t keep telling me that am doing everything else accept taking efforts to get married !

Sai, Show me a way !


I had a dream as if my father faints on my lap and I know what sai meant by this as I was about to take a wrong decision. Sai you show me all hints not to choose the wrong girl but you never say who’s the right one. I can’t bear parents keep worrying about me sai. Please……

A devotee mailed me to name her baby boy and I suggested few names. Honestly, I am gifted for having thousands of Sai children trust me like this no matter how stupid I am. I am still your little servant Sai.


Always in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba


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