Prayers may not land you in a job. Your knowledge does

Sairam friends,

I am really concerned about the way we are creating a generation of youngters who can easily get addicted to bad habits but it takes lots of effort for them to create a career stream of their own. On Sunday morning, I had a dream as if I am inside a very small wooden box like the one they have for Dogs. 2-3 guys are also dumped inside the box. They are drunk and asks for money from me. They look at my wallet and say that I have Rs.250/- with me but not giving them. I tell them that I am trying to place myself in their position since I want to help them get out of the tiny box they created for themseleves and experience the bigger world out there.

I tell them

“There must be a skill which you are good in.Keep enhancing it. There must be few negative qualities in you. Eradicate it gradually”

Saying this, I break away the box and come out of it.

I kept wondering what this dream could mean but basically its reflection of the thought process going on in my mind for over 2 years now. Now a days, I avoided spreading pooja and rituals in StarSai because people have started doing it my themselves. I don’t have to preach anyone to worship Saibaba. My focus is on inspiring people to do something pratical that will change their life for good.

Drinking is not bad although Sai don’t like any bad habits. I say this because just because a Man or Women drinks that doesn’t mean they are bad. I just wish they give up the habit of drinking. What’s worse is simply worshiping Saibaba without taking steps to get what you want.

How I react to dreams?

When ever I have a dream, I try to do something good on that day based on the dream. An old lady comes to Nagasai Mandir once in a while. I used to give her sarees and some money. When ever she looks at me, she only expects money but I don’t mind giving her. Yesterday, I was sitting in the Dwarakamai doing photography of the Red Roses – Sai Baba gave Red Roses to everyone

She started telling her story to me that she must give 200 Rs to someone. I usually don’t like habit of giving money but have few exceptions. I thought Saibaba gave me a dream in which someone says I have Rs250/- in my wallet but don’t have heart to give. So I took Rs.250 and gave her. She started weeping thanked me. Later she said, I was thinking about you yesterday.

Anyway, my dreams and myself. ┬áhe he…All of you get bored of it!

If you are a student or working professional and if you believe that you deserve a better job, write down what you can do to land in a better job.

Prayers are important. It can change your life but it is ignorance that most of us don’t actually grow ahead in our life.

This article is especially written for those who are depressed as they don’t have a good career. Please focus on something productive. Keep learning. Once again, I have this feeling that I just have 15 years to go and must do little I can to create an impact. Else, when I look back at my life after few years, I will see nothing.

Keep praying Sai but focus on what matters most – Enhancing your skills and knowledge.

Sai Bless


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