Love this Padhuka of Shirdi Saibaba

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

On behalf of 100th MahaSamadhi day of Shirdi Saibaba, Baba’s padhuka is being taken to several Indian cities.  NagaSai Mandir in Coimbatore will have these Padhukas on November 11th and 12th 2017. I am not sure how many of you follow StarSai from Coimbatore. If possible, try to have darshan of the padhuka.

I had to write this as 2-3 friends of mine in temple kept asking me if I wrote about it? Honestly, I did not connect myself with this event due to personal reasons. If my friends asks me to photograph, I might. I especially keep away when ever there’s too much complication in an event or when too many people are involved. I prefer being in some corner of the temple and I don’t even mind if I don’t have darshan of Padhukas. To me, Sai devotion is internal. It’s within myself.

The whole Shirdi,the majestic Dwarakamai of Shirdi and Sai himself is in your heart if you realize the truth about how Sai works.

Anyway, Such celebrations are important too. May be, it inspires devotees and fulfills their desire.

The featured photo of Sai Baba was sent by Sowmya .

I love this Padhuka of Shirdi Saibaba kept near his foot in the photo.

Let us surrender our heart, mind and soul in the holy feets of Saibaba


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