I was not able to chant holy name of Sai!

Sairam friends,

Sai baba never preached anything. He has no teachings. His messages were expressed as parables that only few whom he addressed could understand. Sai’s life itself is a lesson. And this saint know the world transforms, People’s mind and life transforms. Hence, Saibaba never taught something specifically.

What is right according to society today will be wrong after 100 years. So this Guru transforms himself based on existing culture in a Nation.

Having said that, only thing Baba has told some of his devotees is power of chanting – Naam Smaran.

You can simply chant any little mantra of Shirdi Saibaba or small chantings like – Om Sainathaya Namah, Om Sai Ram etc.

I usually love to chant Sai..Sai..Sai… as much as I can in mind.

Mere chanting mechanically has no use. You must imagine Saibaba is living in your heart and chant peacefully. Continue to do your work. At times, you might miss to chant. I also suddenly get busy with work, speak to friends and miss chanting. Later, I remember and continue chanting in mind.

Do not tell anyone that you are chanting. They might not understand you.

Yesturday, for some reason, I was not able to chant Sai’s holy name properly. I kept thinking about few issues and was roaming around.

Sai bless all of you to remember his holy name

Sai bless all in your family


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