Music is played for love

Sairam friends,

Once, a devotee came to see Saibaba in Dwarakamai. Baba told him, a group of people were here whole night. They were abusing me and never let me sleep.

Baba then asked him “Did you understand what I mean?”

Devotee – Yes Baba. You mean to say they were singing in praise of  Saints( Baba himself)

Baba – “Yes you are right”…and continues to ask “Do you have a Guru?”

Devotee – Yes Baba. I have an islamic Guru – An aulia.

Baba replied – “That is why you were able to understand that people were singing bhajans when I mentioned they were abusing me”

What do we understand from this?

According to Sai, praising and abusing are one. There’s no difference for saints no matter how you call him or perceive him when you are happy or when you are upset with life.

Anyway, This morning I had a beautiful dream as if I see myself in a Varanda. A priest doing pooja for Vishnu looks at me sitting with a very huge book in praise of Goddess Andal.  He looks at the book and tells me there’s this beautiful sloka and reads through it. He looks at the book cover. Its written something in Tamil along with the word in English “Communication”.

Then, I go to another priest. He was lean and he tells me there was this musician who sings beautifully in praise of Lord Murugan’s Vel – Vedivel.

That’s it.

I will remember Sai and Lord Murugan.

Om Sai Ram


Note – The title is inspired from one of my Favourite song by  Gwyneth Paltrow – Music is played for love

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