Make your mind a hub for millions of good thoughts

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

One of the best ways to make Saibaba feel happy and proud of yourself is by thinking good. Make sure, every single thought that emerges in your mind is good and pure. Sai will naturally start to do good to you and your family. The truth is that it is hard to achieve this. Human mind changes crores of times every single minute. You think something good and even put it into action. While doing so, if you face any obstacles or if someone tells you something to hurt you, immediately, you will have unnecessary and bad thoughts to emerge.

This isn’t your fault. Mind’s duty is to think. So it will think both negatively and positively.

You just have to remember Sai – Your Guru so that your mind gets back to think about being good to yourself and others.

You can also practice this by doing the following

When ever you are depressed, write down 10 good thoughts that emerges in your mind. Think hard and you will realize its not easy to list even 10 good karma you could do in your lifetime.

Now can you understand why we are suffering?

We can’t even think about being good and doing good karma.

So let us cultivate the habit of being good and thinking good.

Doing good is secondary. You may not be able to feed 1000 people. You may not be in a position to get job for even one unemployed kid. But you can certainly think good. You must not grab another man’s food meaning his/her livelihood. Just think good and see how your life changes for good.

Sai will be happy when you go to his temple or sing his Aarti. What matters more is being good and thinking good every moment you lead life.

Let us pray Saibaba to make our mind a hub for millions of good thoughts.

Let our mind be a lake with millions of beautiful Lotus – Let every Lotus be a pure thought that emerges in your heart!



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  • Beautifully said. It is difficult but certainly not impossible with Sai Baba’s blessings. We need to take Baba’s name and start making the effort, rest will follow.

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