Imagining as if I sleep on Shirdi Saibaba’s lap in Dwarakamai and its 1907

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I don’t meditate. I am not that religious as many assume. Just because someone regularly goes to Saibaba temple, that doesn’t make him religious. I am not doing any pooja there. Not many do. I simply go,light lamps, worship Sai and then I roam around. I walk around, chat with people I come across and relax. Sometimes, I like to stand lonely in the parking space and think about my life or Saibaba. You can’t call this as religious or any kind of devotion. While the whole world is singing Aarti, I will be simply sitting outside and relaxing remembering Sai in mind.

Ofcourse, there are days when I sincerely show my love for Sai. I do little work here and there. I clean dhuni and the lamps tray. Very rarely when someone asks me to sweep Dwarakamai. I read Sai Satcharita as I love it so much.

At times, I will be on my Mobile too.

So all this can help you understand, externally one seems to visit temple regularly but he’s not actually showing devotion to Sai all the time he is at the temple. To me, temple is an experience. You learn a lot in a temple too as you have several experiences and watch people and their life.

Anyway, I usually love to sleep remembering Shirdi Saibaba. The easiest way I get connected with Sai is my imagining that I am going back in a time machine to 1907 when Sai lived in his beautiful Dwarakamai.

I sometimes can even visualize him and see him alive. Trust me. I don’t know if its my imagination or its a vision. I can bring Sai to life as he was moving around in Dwarakamai.

I can see Sai walking and talking to me. I can see him smile. I just don’t know what he’s talking.

This morning, I imagined as if I am in Dwarakamai. Its 1907 ..I lay down in Saibaba’s lap and felt really good. I asked Saibaba to speak to me and tell me something but he never spoke. I could not go to deep sleep for him to show me a dream. I just did this for 20 minutes and woke up.

Why am I doing this?

Well this is my meditation. It might sound funny but everyone has their own way of connecting with their Guru.

I am going to work now.

Keep loving Sai.


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