Lord Rama and Sita came home on holy Rama Navami

Sairam friends,

Usually my friends in Nagasai mandhir used to call me and inform that they are carrying Palki of Shirdi Saibaba to celebrate Ram Navami festival. This year, I was busy going to Kamakshi Amman temple and reached Nagasai mandhir at around 8.45 P.M. They had already carried Palki and I thought may be Baba doesn’t want me to carry him as he has many people serve him. My friends asked me why I din’t came. I simply said, I din’t know about it.

Every year, I take off from office as I participate in serving food during the feast they arrange in temple. Somehow, I don’t have any motivation to do seva also. There are so many people to do it. I simply wanted to remember Lord Rama by chanting his holy name and also chant “Sairam,Sairam, Sairam” in mind.

I was also upset yesterday since the people opposite to our house has cut all the branches of huge tree which gave us shadow and oxygen for several years. I wonder how can people cut a beautiful tree. Trees also has soul. Please take care of plants and trees, water them and let them grow. Cutting tree for no reason is really hurting nature. I wanted to make a site to spread the message about growing more trees so that the generations to come will have a better Earth to live in.

The girl with the Scarf over head:

I used to get dream of a girl with a scarf for the past 2 years and every time I have such a dream, I ask Baba who’s this girl. I have seen her sometime after I had the below dream.

தமிழ்த்தாய் வாழ்த்து – Invocation to Goddess Tamil – Tamil Thai Vazhthu in dream

Today’s dream was very beautiful and I can’t tell it to you completely. I had a children’s book about Lord Rama called “Ramlala”. I woke up and opened it and found few paintings of Sita devi where she too was wearing Scarf ( Covering her head with some kind of cloth). So I felt blessed. Really blessed thinking May be its Sita who has come to our house to bless me.

I was searching to present you with photo of Lord Rama and Sita getting married. (Here, Sita is covering her head with cloth)

rama sita getting married

Lord Rama and Sita getting married

The beautiful aspect of this dream is like since the girl came alone to my home, I am going out to take her and leave her in her home. I was worried about who will accompany her. Suddenly a man appears. So all 3 of us go out. I realized Lord Rama and Sita has come to my home and inspired me to write about them.

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Hope you keep remembering Lord Rama and Sita on this holy Rama Navami festival. Lets think good, speak good and do good all our life. Let us keep our mind pure and involve in good activities.

Aum Sai Ram




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  • Jai Sairam! This is once again a beautiful picture of Rama/Sita. I came here to share that Sai has made one more miracle happen today. Two weeks ago, Sai blessed us with a miracle regarding our child’s education. We had prayed to Sai last year about this but got disappointed but this year, when Sai felt it was the right time, he made it happen!

    Today, on this auspicious Ram Navami day, Sai blessed our son once again with a scholarship from a local Sai temple! I can’t think of a better blessing than getting something from Sai temple, even if it’s not money. This miracle happened after being told last year that my son missed it by one point or something.

    I pray that this blessing from Sai will help my son excel in his studies and do good for humanity as he wishes to do so. Only Sai’s blessings can make all that happen. Thank you Sai from the bottom of our hearts, keep us in your loving glance at all times and protect us. Bless every one Sai with good health, happiness and love for you always. Jai Sai Ram!

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