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Lord Ganesha with beautiful flowers Vinayakar

Lord Ganapathy with yellow flowers chandan and kumkum

Lord Ganapathy with yellow flowers chandan and kumkum

Sairam friends,

I have a sweet Memory of this Lord Ganesha. In tamil nadu we call Ganesha mostly as Vinayakar and also Pillayar. Once a very good guru of my parents Mani iyer asked me and my father to apply oil to Ganesha statue under the Arasa Maram (Granite Ganesha kept under Tree ) and do abishekam – holy bath , apply kumkum for 12 sundays.

It was year 2000. I felt shy to do such things in Colony temple.So my father wakes me at 4 Am . we both take some water inĀ  a vessel, oil, kumkum viboothi and worhsip this ganesha.

After 9 years in 2009, during ganesha temple kumbabishekam in our colony, this Ganesha was kept as Kanni moolai Ganapathy in corner of temple.

See how beautifully the devotees has offered Yellow garland- Sevandhi poo to beautiful Lord Ganesha.

Om Lakshmi Ganapathiye namaha


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