Life is all about ups and downs. Enjoy the game with Lord Ganesha and Saibaba

Ganesha mouse happiness
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I could not write frequently as I have other projects to take care of. By Sai’s grace, after several years, I started earning through my projects. Its very small compared to what I earn in my full time job but I am working hard at night too since I don’t wanna depend on such job where you have to survive adjusting others. So this weekend has been really satifactory in that Sai gave me confidence that he will help me survive somehow in the complicated world.

Secondly, I am enjoying my current job as the environment is good but when I depend on it completely, I get scared when things go wrong. My advice for many of you is this.

“Work hard for your employer but keep learning and doing something that will make you confident that you can survive no matter what happens”

Further, for my age and experience, I must be doing something greater and bigger. Life is too short to worry that I did not try much and wasted my time. I must bring value to others through my work and that’s what Sai wants me to do.

When ever I come across youngters who work for IT organizations, I ask them “Did you learn something…….” and they say “No” or simply “Heared about it” as if this job we do is permanent. Please learn a lot when you are young for when you get old, you will have other responsibilities.

Today, my projects are helping me interact with tech Entrepreneurs across the globe from Silicon Valley to Japan. Years back, I worked in a Hindi movie called Meenaxi which was shot in Prague. On Saturday, one of this Entrepreneur from Czech republic paid me little. Yes little but it made me happy!

If people insult me infront of others, I won’t react. I keep calm but I will become determined to prove what my Sai can make out of this ordinary guy

I certainly might have to find a way to keep fit because working until 12 to 1 at night regularly isn’t good. I am doing this because I promised Baba that I will show these people what I am. I don’t take insults easily. 3-4 Weeks back, I was insulted by someone at work. I could not sleep all night. The next morning, I woke up and promised Sai that I will work hard to get ahead in life. My goal has never been money as my Guru knows what’s right for my future, he’s making me work on something good.

Last night, I wasn’t able to sleep until 3 in the morning. I sat in my hall and spoke to the Saibaba photo there about my life and what I am going to do in future?

I will tell you something about Sai and what he’s capable of

I ordered a (Brand name hidden as I don’t wanna put down brand) phone 2 weeks back from Amazon India and felt happy but I realized that I don’t like its getting too hot. After that, I also found the phone shipped to me had audio issues. I was really upset and requested for refund. They denied but accepted for replacement. My Mom asked me why I ordered some Chinese mobile and not Samsung. I too felt bad.

On Saturday morning, I had a dream in which I heared the words “Samsung Standards”. 

Whenever I hear a word in dream, I wake up and search online. It landed on the page where it showed Samsung’s Value and Code of Conduct.It portrayed how they treat their Employees, Environment and also the costomers.

Surprisingly, I realized Baba wanted me to frame similar code of conduct for my project because

Sai wants me to show the world how to run a company and treat Employees!

I got my own idea and wrote 11 points. I read it to my friend while I was in temple and he said its really awesome!

Samsung Code of conduct

Courtesy of Samsung Code of conduct

Other day my Father was telling me about the courier guy who came to pick the chinese phone for replacement. He had some issues in finding the unique number for which he called up while I was in office. I helped him and he was very polite. He had seen the Saibaba temple in our home and said his the first word his baby spoke were not Amma and Appa but Baba. Seems when he was in Chennai, some people had come to rob him in bus when they were getting close to him, they fell down. He had said that its by Sai grace that he got the job.

Anyway, Couple of days back, I again got the replaced mobile which had the same issue. I was fed up but must appreciate the customer service guys and even the courier guys. I felt how people work hard irrespective of the small job they get. Kindly don’t complain me that you don’t have a job.

Get ahead, learn something and accept any job because there are people who are happy with the small job they do and thankful for that.

While I was in Saibaba temple, I felt like calling customer service again. Thankfully, this time, they accepted for replacement. I asked the customer service guy who spoke to me to connect me with his manager and told him that “Customer service is running ecommerce in India”. Its truly amazing to live in a country where people run the show irrespective of how bad a Chinese product which heats up like Iron box could get.

Thankfully, I already ordered a simple Samsung mobile for my Father. I takes so many photos in Ganesha temple and simply stores in mobile. Now a days, people share on Whatsapp and not even on Facebook. Remember, Cloud messaging philosophy is different – Its called Experience stack! You see and forget.

See my article last year – We are moving from recording and remembering to experiencing and moving on mindset

I told my Father that I will teach him to use Pinterest, Instagram and other platform where he can record memories of Gods and the work he and his friends do in temple.

So what made me write this article. I never know who owns the photo. Its used with courtesy. The photograph of Mice and Ganesha playing made me smile. I got inspired to write this for you.

My parents are so weak these days. I went to a Lord Rama temple and offered money for Annadhan because the priest specifically asked me. I though may be, that’s why Hanuman came in dream and gave him money. I pray Sai to bless my parents with good health.

Yes. Life is a game. There will be ups and downs. Don’t be disappointed.

Be happy like this Ganesha and his little Mouse!

Isn’t he cute!

Saibaba will take care of you and run the show.

I told you that I will show you what Sai will capable of.

Sai did two stuff..He satisfied me by getting a refund for the wrong decision I made. Now, I can purchase a simple Samsung mobile. Secondly, I also got inspiration reading Samsung code of conduct to frame my own version for my project.

Saibaba is not an ordinary Saint. People think that I am crazy to depend on his dreams but his dreams has always guided me. Its silly to write about such ordinary dreams though relating to brand etc but imagine how bad it will be to live with a mobile phone which gets heat like iron box for next few month?

The same applies to every problem in your life.

Sai can’t let you suffer even if you had taken a wrong decision in studies, career or relationship issues.

Sai will protect you.

Game on. Enjoy!


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  • Sai Ram, Venkat! Baba tries to teach me; by recent humiliating insults from people I was much disturbed. I probably did not pass Baba’s test, and probably he will try testing me again in the future, as this is a lesson to learn.
    After some time and reflection, we can see a bit more clearly. I also try to never
    respond directly to attacks, but I got so angry inside and vented so much about it,
    that I feel I did harm. I wish I hadn’t become so angry about these attacks.
    None of us is perfect, else why would be incarnated? I think it’s one of my
    life lessons to learn to accept attacks and insults without being affected inside.
    🙂 Good luck with everything Venkat.

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