Life is all about bringing out a positive change in others life

Sairam friends,

I have discovered one of the greatest gift I could possibly get in life is bringing out a positive change in others life. The more I think about my own life and my own desires getting fulfilled, I only face disappointments and get into depression.

Sometimes you have to ask questions to yourself. What am I learning from these down moments in life. Am I asking for too much. Is there something I can do to create a better world. The real challege is not placing yourself at the peak of success but the little deeds you do to bring out a positive and beautiful change in someone else’s life.

The worst days are when you can never see any light in your life. You are almost certain that your desires and even basic needs are not going to get fulfilled. Is that going to knock you down. Do not loose your hope. Being yourself and staying positive during these struggling days will teach you wisdom. You will become a better human being when you stay strong when the whole world and the people around you disbelieve you.

I have always been a failure. I had to struggle for what ever I need in my life but Saibaba has taught me these lessons for some bigger cause. A greater meaning in to my life is yet to be discovered. The same applies to you too. You might be facing all these difficulties just because God wants to tweak the way you think and perceive life.

I am getting late for work.

I write quickly in StarSai every morning just because I feel Sai children needs some kind of words that heals them.

Love you all


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