Learn to apply knowledge and humanity over authority

Sairam friends,

Today, I did some photography at work. I had to wait for a group photography to be taken and hence I was speaking to some Electricians and office boys for over an hour. They said that there used to be snakes going around in the campus I work and they have a stick to catch hold of the snake. I enjoyed photographing but one Ginger Eating Monkey said don’t take multiple shots which was communicated to me. I said, that’s my habit for years as I want to do it perfectly. This morning, before I woke up, I had a very funny dream.

It was like 3 little Monkeys were there. Mom, Dad and a Kid. I was shocked the baby Monkey actually was talking over phone. It says “Hello”. I get shocked and tell my Dad, see these Monkeys can talk!

May be, Sai is telling me that I will get a call from this man today or probably Sai warns me not to call anyone as “Ginger eating Monkey” even if I don’t like him because Monkeys are cute and they too act with care and love.

There’s an advantage in being a Photographer though that’s not my nature of work. I can walk around everywhere and learn what people are upto.

Meanwhile, my friend called me from Gujrat and asked if I can a Corporate film for a Hospital. I said we can do it but I can’t talk off and travel so long! He asked me to quit job and start a Video Production house. As of now, I am OK with this job but seriously considering a Plan B. I must be careful in any environment where Monkeys..opps..sorry…fools are heading!

Irrespective of all this, I found most of the people in the organization I work for are kind enough. I was sitting alone last night as I don’t wanna mingle with the crowd when they are busy talking. Couple of my seniors came and invited me to join for dinner. It was honestly kind of them. I wanted to make a Promo film and everyone agreed for the same. I have communicated with so many heads and CEO’s of global organizations and found them down to Earth. Basicaly, one must learn to apply knowledge and humanity over authority. If you are powerful, its on you. No one even bothers if you are President of United States if you show off your authority.

I admire Bill Gates a lot for so many reasons. One of them is for his blogs on reading books and inviting authors for an interview. See

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