Inspiring people who face setbacks in education and career

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I have never bothered about how a country or state is governed but the last one year has made me think a lot on the pathetic condition of ordinary Indians, especially in my state of Tamilnadu. 3-4 years back, Saibaba showed me a dream in which some men use his name in politics to gain support which he doesn’t want to happen. I differ in opinion of many people in several aspects. When ever people ask me about building a Saibaba temple, I believe if that’s really important to build a temple because there are also other good deeds you can do. Building temples is just one of them.

Secondly, In the place I work, there are 2-3 Saibaba temples close to each other. I really don’t know why this happened when Sai wants us to live in harmony, people get into misunderstanding and build Saibaba temple as they wish. I know stories of how some people were hurt by treatment of people in one Sai temple which led them to build a Saibaba temple and run it in a better way. But they did that far from existing Saibaba temple in a different state. This can be taken positively.

Coming back to my worries for ordinary people of India, I can only pray Sai to take care of us. I can’t do much.

Sai inspired me with a dream on Ganesha Chaturthi to work on a project for India which I launched. The problem is, I am not consistent in what ever work I do. I go at night and feel sleepy or simply do nothing. This leads to laziness and I ignore the responsibilities Saibaba gave me.

I can certainly create an impact in the following areas

  1. Inspiring people who face setbacks in education and career.
  2. Show youngters in India how to get ahead in their career.
  3. Encourage Entrepreneurs there by creating more jobs

I hope Saibaba helps me get on this mission for lifetime rather than worrying about how the Nation or State is run.

One biggest advantage of not getting married is you have time to think of few issues and also get into action.

I hope my laziness doesn’t stop me from what Sai helped me start.

Sai bless India


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  • May Baba help u realize all the three aspects. Hope the people of India remain in India and help India become a better place in terms of most importantly VALUES which is at its lowest right now.

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