If your husband left the job, have patience

Sairam friends,

Having a secured career/business is something every Sai devotee expects to be assured but things would not always be smooth. Sometimes, you mightm have to go through obstacles in career or business and all you can do is have immense patience to come out of the situation.

The worst part of loosing a job after getting married is that one has several responsibilities and its hard to manage.

Sai Baba certainly cares for your family.

You can do the following

  1. Read Sri Sai Satcharitra
  2. Keep chanting SAI SAI SAI always in mind ( You can do any other chanting too)
  3. Do not worry too much and try remembering Shirdi Sai Baba
  4. Be confident that you will find a better job and keep trying

I know people who have lost literally everything in their business and have huge loans to pay back. They are strong at heart and endure the situation no matter what happens. When ever anyone asks me if they can borrow loan for business or if they are leaving the job without securing a better job, I request them to think twice and take decision. This is because, you never know how things are going to turn out.

The very reason I started writing this article is to convey the message

Please for Gods sake do not keep on telling your husband that he must find a job soon or do something. It mentally hurts him and as far as I know might even lead to health issues. Men who are responsible know what they must do. So if you wish to give some advice, do it as a way of motivating than complaining.

Some of you write me saying “My husband lost job and is not trying for better one”.

Well. I pray things would improve.

Do not push a lot.

Keep your words soft and be confident


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