A humble request to girls who speedup while driving. World is not going to come to an end.

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Just few days back, I had a hair line fracture in the thumb finger of my right leg. Again and again I am getting hit in the same place. Today, I went to a photography trade show and parked my car at home. I usually avoid car since it helps me walk atleast few minutes every day. I started to Saibaba temple by bus and spent some time there.

When I started back home, the Anna in the flower shop offered to drop me near my place. He dropped me and I was about to cross the road. The road was clear and few vehicles were stopped as there was signal. So I decided to walk ahead. I just took 2-3 steps when I was knocked by a girl who was fastly riding her scooter in the wrong side of the road. She almost fell down. My initial thought was not myself but felt the girl must not get hit as she was still holding her scooter. Doctors adviced me to make sure nothing hits the thumb finger again but wondering why exactly in the same place I got hit today. The girl’s vehicle hit my knee and the front tyre rode over my thumb finger.

Yendi ma..ungaluku enna paavam panen…Ipidi maathi maathi ore areava damage pandrenga.

She kept saying Sorry which made me feel light. Else, I would have shouted a lot to her. I told her, just now I had a fracture and you rode over it. She kept saying sorry. Meanwhile, some some men came near me and was shouting at the girl. It was so kind of them that they came to support me. I told them, its OK. Thankfully, she also fell down but nothing happened to her. I asked her “Nothing happened to you right?”. I was satisfied since I don’t want anyone to suffer because of me. So let her go. It seemed she was in some tension. So I left it.

I limped and walked to my home. Initially, I did not tell to my parents as they will worry a lot. Later, I told them and they shouted at me saying am not taking care while on road. I told them, its not my mistake if some girl hit me riding in the wrong side of the road and she was in such a speed that I don’t even know what happened to me.

The problem in India is that, we don’t have road sense and our traffic regulation isn’t good enough. Two wheelers are no at all safe for anyone. Further, when ever I see guys riding fast, I imagine the drama they create if one of their friend met with an accident. You can see 20 to 50 guys standing in the hospital and outside the ICU when their friend is hit. Is that the place to show your “Mass” that you have so many guys to support you? Please remember that you are not going to achieve anything by riding fast. Your life is more precious than anything else on Earth. So be careful when you ride.

When it comes to girls who drive fast, I have realized they easily get away after hitting someone. This girl atleast pleaded me so much and she honestly apoligized. But I know cases where girls hit a vehicle and very casually move on. We also have a soft corner to women and let them go easily. You can’t harshly shout at a women the way you can shout at a man. I myself felt why I can’t use any bad words to this girl because something stopped me from doing that. I felt she’s apologizing. So I must not get tensed and further, though it pains so much when I write this, I did not had much pain when it actually happened.

Anyway, I had been to Photography trade show this afternoon right. I wish to share some photography I did there. I believe this model’s name is Shree! . Tried to present it to you as I wanted to spread good messages through photography.

shree stars thoughts

I usually sit in the parking space when the temple is little crowded. I was sitting over a cycle and called up some of my Sai friends. I casually called up Appu ( Don’t wanna say her real name). I did not speak to her for long though we know each other since 2014.

I called her up and initially she did drama as if she was normal. Don’t I know how my friends sound? I asked her what’s going on. She said that she just came back from Chennai. She’s working in Pune now and hence I asked her why you went Chennai? She told me “To meet a friend and then she changed…Something like..I was with my friend”

I know something fishy and hence asked her to clarify what she was upto. She told me that she went to Chennai all the way from Pune by flight just to meet her friend for 4 hours. They had some issue and this guy was behaving like a fool doubting her often. She must have come to make him understand. Seems it did not work. So she told me “I came to Chennai for a break-up”.

I told her, I know so many girls like you. All of you write to me saying Baba is not helping me, I want this..I want that etc..And when everything happens in your life, I will be nobody. I will get no news about where you are, what you are doing etc. And suddenly when something bad happens in your life, you people call me or Sai makes me call you.

I scolded her nicely saying “How dare you travel alone without telling your parents to meet a guy?” Who’s gonna answer is something happened to you? I told her, only yesterday, I write this article about girls who travel far to meet their love and I was thinking if such articles are really needed. Seems, the world needs my words because these girls are desperate when they are in love. They come from good family, they are pure at heart but just because they can’t bear some issues in their relationship, they travel alone to meet their love.

Read this – Girls who travel to meet their love. What’s the probability that you will marry the same guy?

I told her that I know girls who travel from U.S to Japan to meet their guy without saying a word to her mom. All this effort won’t help much if the guy is not good at heart. Anyway, I can’t control scolding appu. I asked her not to sit in India and do some odd job. I asked her to see if she can go abroad for higher studies and focus on her career rather than doing all this nonse. She cried. I know this would happen. I told her, I am getting old these days, I writing articles especially since I care for girls and guys who must not waste their time worrying about relationship issues.

Focus on what matters most in your life – Career. Focus on doing something productive. Your life will be good

With that message, let me lay down few minutes believing I won’t get hit again anymore in the same thumb finger.

eyes choose me

Wish I had taken closeup photography of Shree’s eyes

This girl had enough patience and was posing for me. I just felt that I must have done a better work. I feel that I am an average photographer and lots need to be learnt.

smile shree

Venkaraman Photography

What makes me write this article holding on to immense pain in my leg? I just wish someone, some where will read my words which I have been writing for the past 12 years and make their life better. When you change yourself, you are chaning the world.

Please take care of yourself when you drive! Just because you ride fast, you are not going to achieve anything. The world is not going to come to an end. Reaching your destination 5 minutes or even 5 hours late is not going to stop you from fulfilling all the desires and dreams in your life.

Even I drive fast at times but I also think about others in the road. I have no rights to hurt anyone. So its better to drive just to make sure you reach your destination safe.

Its the same both for journey to your home and the this wonderful journey of life and relationships.



Little Servant of Shirdi Saibaba

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Usually, Digital photography these days are like trash. You shoot and you throw it away. I wanted to make use of this girl’s precious moments she posed me to spread good messages. Hope you liked it.

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