How to scaleup doing good deeds by Sai grace?

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Sairam friends,

Its my Brother in Law Kamesh’s Birthday. Parents have given for pooja in near by Ganesha temple. I shall write this article soon as my parents get irritated with me when ever they see me sitting infront of Computer. They think that I am ruining my life. That I am living a virtual life. Yes I am because I live based on Sai’s words in dream. Until I can prove my Sai’s words, I will be a failure to this world.

There’s this term called “Scaleup” used in Technology companies and Startups. When you are into business, you might be successful in serving 100 customers but will you be able to give the same quality and service to 1000 customers or million customers for that matter?

Similarly, an app or website might do well when accessed by few people but what if suddenly a million people land on your site or use the software you made? Will it withstand the load?

I wanted to apply the same to doing ‘Good deeds’

Its been 12 years since I made StarSai and I have touched lives of few wonderful Sai devotees around the world. I write about my personal life here but then too, some people are kind enough to tell me that my words did heal them. I wonder why and how?

I have spread the message of giving, I have wrote about lighting lamps and I have wrote about value of education. I have wrote so much for women and the way one should respect a women in their life.

Having done all this, I still feel blank as I hardly reach few thousand people every year and not all like what I write. Some find it boring.

Anyway, Last evening, one of my friend and myself were speaking about MBA programme he had joined. I kept on telling him to do his post grad and he finally joined. I just felt he must sacrifice a lot to do the course as its gruesome. Sometimes, it takes lots of hardwork if you want to get ahead in your life.

When I did my MBA, I was fearing  a lot to do this paper – Quantitative techniques. Sai appeared in dream on the day of Exam and blessed me to understand some concepts about probability in Business

Few month back, I wrote in StarSai that Saibaba blessed me with a dream to do Phd.

Your life will be good, if you do Phd

I did not do yet a girl who saw my article, felt happy as she was planning to join phd and did that immediately.

I am able to change lives if people whom I know personally and few Sai devotees I come across. Will I be able to do the same to millions of people?

10 years from now, I must be happy for changing lives of people across the world by what I do today.

I call it scaling up “Good deed”.

Saibaba’s grace has always been with me. In my personal life, he confused me a lot showing a girl in dream and continues to do it often. Thankfully, I got a better dream today. Not about this girl. Finally!

Atleast in my career, Saibaba has been very kind to me. When I wanted to make a simple website to inspire and motivate people to learn from other professionals, he himself blessed me with a name.

Though I get tired when I work at night and sometimes even wake up early morning to work on the site, as of now, is becoming a super cool media itself.  There too, I wanted to create a way of inspiring people to land on the site to take precise steps to make their life better.

So thinking about good concepts.

Shall implement it soon by Sai grace.

I wanna scaleup doing good. Someday, I must not think that I never did anything good in my life.


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