How to inspire your children get interested in Studies by Sai Saraswathi’s grace

Sairam friends,

I have just 15 minutes to write this so quick Sai. Get me words soon. I used to get mails from Sai devotee Mothers ( Yes mostly Mothers, Fathers are too busy with their work) worrying that their Son or Daughter is too playful and not taking interest in Studies. Some of these Mothers are working women and they really don’t have time to help their Children to learn on a day to day basis.

I honestly feel Children has to be inspired from their young age to reach that heights in Education. So wanted to write a simple tips on how you can inspire your Children. See…Most parents start worrying when their children above 10 years when they have lots of distraction. For children in their Teens,I humbly request you to help them realize Education can surely help them lead a peaceful life. Do not force it on them but let them take interest in Studies naturally.

For other kids who are really Kids, there are few ways to Inspire them to get interested in Studies..

1.  Make them feel Education is Fun:

For most children especially in India Education seems to be a burden. They are made to experience unfriendly teachers and asked to follow few strict rules inside the class room and school campus. Human mind doensn’t like being controlled or being expected to do something. This is how teachers bring up disciplined kids but at times for some students such rules makes them hate Studies.

There are ways to make your children feel Education as Fun.

Take them to place of interest – At times you surely can afford it and help them learn Science associated with it. Children are very curious to learn new things but it must happen their own way. Show them Historic places, Rivers, Museum etc.

children inspired by river

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein – Nature can teach a lot as children are curious to learn from what they see and experience. Photo courtesy – Bingbing. Thank You

2.Take them to place where they really get inspired:

NASA is not there in India but there are planetariums, We have Museum and we do have lots of places where your children can certainty get inspired.  Show your children at least through TV ,internet or some activity games that “Science and Math is really good to learn”. Make them feel exited about what they learn.

NASA Kids science

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”
― C.S. Lewis
The kids posing for a picture with Astronaut John McBride in front of the Shuttle – Photo courtesy of Liam ward (flickr). Thank you

3. Gift your Children with Good Books and Magazines:

Almost every parents do it and then after few years they stop getting books for their children. Kids are never naturally interested in Books accept a few but you can cultivate the habit of Learning from books. Don’t force it on them that you got books which they never read. Your responsibility is to do what you can. Rest is their wish. Take them to near by library and be there until they get bored …he he..

Helping Children From India's Slums

Helping Children From India’s Slums – Asha for Education – Photo courtesy flickr user – Brian Glanz

About the above Photo:

Eager students run outside to greet Headmistress Lakshmi Suryanarayanan at Olcott Memorial School in Chennai, India. My wife and I were touring the school with Lakshmi, and she was a rock star! The kids were super excited to share what they had been learning.

Olcott Memorial is a 115-year-old school dedicated exclusively to children from the poorest parts of Indian society, including the slums of Chennai. It is one of many projects in Chennai funded in part by Asha for Education.

The Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire has captured hearts around the world. Of the millions who have seen it, many wonder what they can do to help children from India’s slums.

Now coming back to helping your children like to read books, You can do it by getting them Colorful Kids Magazines. Not just which has comics, cartoons etc but also some science topics.Example – National Geographic Kids…I don’t know what mags are available in India but try your best.

I am a ordinary Servant of Saibaba and all I can do is think of some Tips…You are most welcome to share your ideas for other parents to encourage and inspire their children to take interest in Studies

Am really getting late for work now friends..

I wish to end this article now with below quote

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

This article is not just for your children but for everyone who reads this. Keep learning good books, good articles as it make you think good. When you think good , your action will be good and so your life will be.


I had ate the mud of Koothanur Saraswathi temple when I went there in 2005 and I know she is with me always. I gave gift of pens and Gods posters to many kids near the Saraswathi temple..they got it with excitement and ran fast happily. Offer 108 white lotus to the Goddess and also offered food to poor..I spent more than 5 hours in Saraswathi Temple and came back home. I took some mud in a small pack and continued to have little mud remembering Koothanur Saraswathi. Such is my love for the Mother Goddess of Learning !

I am crazy…..StarSai came out of my craziness …You have to be intelligent or crazy of something to do something creative. I am not intelligent…he he…So I choose the later.

Love you Saraswathi

Bless everyone with good education and inspire them to learn


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