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The holy book of Sai is divinely called Sai Satcharita and I keep calling it Sai Satcharitra

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Whole of my life is a mistake and here’s yet another mistake I haven’t realized.

I received a mail from a Sai devotee, the other day.. Here it goes..

Jai shree sai

I am a regular visitor of StarSai and I like it very much.Just want to tell one thing is its written as “Sai Satcharitra” in many places where as its “Sai Satcharita” ,I am no one to find the mistakes but when its comes to my Baba its really don’t feel good.

Like Ramcharita manas its Satcharita. When we are saying charitra means we are talking about a character.But Baba is not a character ofcourse.Originally its Sai Satcharita.

Forgive me if I have hurt you by any menace.

Jai Shree Sai

Banaja ( Included only first name for privacy reasons)

Meanwhile, Here’s a photo contributed by Swaroopa. I believe its a Saibaba temple in Chennai.

Shirdi Saibaba

Read the holy life of Saibaba – Sai Satcharita

After reading this mail. I saw my old English version of Baba’s holy book. It is really “Sai Satcharita”.

This is how names and stories changes gradually as times passes on. Names of places have been changed historically.

While I wish to call it “Sai Satcharita”, I have a problem.

Somehow, most Shirdi Saibaba devotees are calling it “Sai Satcharitra”. At-least that’s how people are searching on Google. Hence, If I write an important article with the other spelling, I might not be able to bring in the people looking for Baba’s life stories. So I dedicate this article especially for people to realize though I call it “Sai Satcharitra, its divinely known as “Sai Satcharita”.

Anyway, My Mom is not well. I took her to Doctor last morning but she continues to have pain.

Gift of Guru Charita

Yesterday, When I was in temple, one aunty called me and told that I had given her husband a holy book of Guru Charita before few years and if women too can read it. (I even forgot that I had given this book to her husband). I told her, ofcourse she can read and she was happy about it.

I came home and found my Mom having pain. When ever, my Mom is suffering, I either read Sai Satcharita or Guru Charita.

When Baba lived, he told the number 54. This actually means the 54 chapters in the holy book of Guru Charita. The saint Narasimha Saraswati’s life story is so beautiful and divine. You must find a good book of Guru Charita and try reading it. Its divine.

Do they world call it as Guru Charita? Its actually calling it as Guru Charitra.

What ever way you call it, I will be happy if the stories of these wonderful saints reaches you right.

Another devotee from Chennai wrote to me as she was looking for Sai Satcharita book. I told her to buy online but she was looking for the old version as the new version has few changes. If you are used to the old book translated by Gunaji, you wish to stick to it. I am worried and pray Saibaba that his holy stories remains as it is even after 1000 years.

Please do not revise holy books and re-write it. The original version must be kept intact and clean and pure.

Sai Satcharita is the only connection between Sai and his Children ( We devotees).

Hence, we must call it right. Listen to it as it was written by Hamadpant.

Sai, please heal my Ma.

You can read theĀ divineĀ Sai Satcharita here

Download Sai Satcharita



I might have to call it Sai Satcharitra as that’s how everyone are getting used to call it. If the world changes to call it Sai Satcharita, I shall start using this spelling. In this article alone, I used the right pronunciation as requested by the devotee. Thank You!


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