This holi, add colours in life of your Children Saibaba

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Sairam friends,

Happy Holi friends!

Though holi is not celebrated much in Tamilnadu, I believe Saibaba would have seen the people of Shirdi village celebrating holi during his lifetime.  So Holi is very auspicious to me.

My Mom is not feeling well these days. She’s just managing by Sai grace. We plan to go for check-up again next week. I suddenly have some fear deep in me once again. I don’t see any clarity in my life.┬áBaba, What’s going to happen in my life? I am fed up living an unrealistic life just because I respect your words. Tell me what to do now Sai?

Confirmation Bias

There’s a term called “Confirmation Bias” about the way people make judgement. It is this.

Example – Let’s say someone got a news that I am bad. They neither like me or hate but people basically like speaking ill of others or atleast commenting or finding faults on others. So next time when I do something casually too, their mind will be looking for any reason to confirm that I am bad. Even if I casually do something, my image will still be shown in the wrong sense to their mind because that’s what they are eagerly expecting.

Human mind basically wants to “Confirm” what they previously enjoyed. People enjoy others downfall or degrading others as far as I understand. So they will keep confirming that I am bad.

So the moment someone told something ill about me, I know its going to reflect in people again and again.

On Friday night, my Mom was not well and there was an argument. They kept asking why I keep my face like this. I told them, just because I casually did a chat will couple of girls, I wonder what they told about me, I hear some people at work are speaking ill of me. They were really upset about it. Infact, I asked my Sister to call me and told her everything. She told me not to worry about it focus on what I do. I told her that I work all night for my new site as I wanna do something meaningful in my life.

My parents too told me that they know me and others are nobody to judge me.

I told them that I don’t even like to see any of these girls and some guys at work because of this incident. They asked me not to show it on face and just accept what ever people do because since I am not married, people easily can find fault. They asked me not to hide anything that happens as both my sister and myself used to say every little thing to my Mom right from childhood. I told her that its humiliating when people speak about my charecter in bad light.

I just know something Baba told me when I was really depressed 10 days back.

As you sow. So you reap.

Its easy to drop me down and make an issue out of nothing but everyone must remember that their bad karma won’t let them go on easily. I accept everything you did but what you did will keep haunting you because it gave me the worst possible pain in me in the past several years.

So what’s the message for this holi day?

Keep doing what ever makes you happy and don’t worry about what others think about you.

People will speak ill of you. They might hurt you. They can ruin your reputation but that must not change who you are as a person. I will continue to be who I am and my dreams and visions are the same. Sai told me that people will keep confirming that I am bad. I can’t stand upside to prove that I am good.

Baba, please bring colours in the life of your children. Due to various responsibilities and worries about my Mom’s health, I am not able to reply your children’s mail. Kindly forgive me for this. Bless your children with peace and happiness.

Love you Sai

Happy Holi Sai!



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