He who loves me most, always sees me – Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends,

I could not write for almost a week now since I had been traveling last weekend. I went to a temple of Lord Ganesha in Tamilnadu called Pillayarpatti. I have never been there and enjoyed the travel. Just that I learnt a lot about life through ordinary Indian’s and consider these lessons as blessings of Sai.

Something is haunting me a lot these days and I keep asking Saibaba why it happened and why he made me go through that. I keep pleading Sai to show me a way out of it. Irrespective of all these experiences Sai gave me, I still have all reasons to love Sai immensely. I could not go to Saibaba temple for the past 4 days and finally I had been to Sai mandir yesterday and felt little better.

I am not sure how you measure Sai’s presence in your life. Is it when Saibaba solves your problem or makes your desire come true? If that’s the case, I would have never been with Sai by this time. Sai is never bothers most of my prayers and he doesn’t pay attention to you when you plead him most. Just that, he demands lots of patience and you loose your mind and faith very easily.

There are other areas where Saibaba shows his presence. If not in the issue you really wanted Sai to answer, Saibaba certainly takes care of you in other small issues. Saints are not magicians. They too have to work on the law of karma and at times, they can’t come down immediately to make your life super cool.

It takes patience to really understand who this Shirdi Saibaba is.

So keep loving him irrespective of what you got from him.

Sai has said

He who loves me most, always sees me.

Do you always see Sai in every walk of life?

Om Sai Ram


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  • We all see Baba.And your site is one example.Just that we need confirmation again and again that He is with us (as we are used to seeing people in person practically )and we are in the right direction no matter the ups and downs which eachone of us have to undergo.He is our God.God bless.

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