Have you felt being blessed? What I experience during Week end walking in Coimbatore

Sairam friends,

Its 10.54 at night. Today as usual I walked in R.S Puram, Coimbatore. I walk to Rathna Vinayakar temple and from there to Annapurna temple.

I usually spend 10 minutes to 30 minutes in Rathna Vinayakar temple. I buy green grass to offer the little Ganesha behind this temple sitting under a neem tree and also a lamp. I light lamps and go behind the temple to offer the Green Grass to my favorite little Vinayakar. Today I spoke to him as I was too sad and depressed.

It will be over 6. P.M at times. Devotees usually say that we must not come around the tree as it gets dark. Last week, I casually came around the tree when I saw a man shouting and running to me asking me to stop. Another devotee and myself got scared and laughed telling him we thought you wanted to say something else.

I give 2 Rs to the women taking care of footwear out side this temple and then start to walk again. I used all my unbelievable photoshop skills to mark my weekend walking route for you in Green color. A is the RathnaVinayakar temple and from there I walk, take left and reach Kamakchi Amman temple and the near by Annapurna Temple.

coimbatore map

Coimbatore map – Rathnavinayakar to Annapurna temple

I walk in various streets but this is my usual path.

I really love this week end walking. I walk alone. Think about past, future, what I plan to do or speak to Sai in my heart. I look at people, guys speaking to their friends standing near shops…. some girls walking alone or with their dad or whole family  going out of a clothing shop( What else will the poor dad do? He has a daughter with lots of wants) …he he…and some girls with their boy friends.

I come across some guys and girls asking me locality of few shops and I try to show them.  Today someone asked me where is VOC wedding hall?. I said, “Sorry. I don’t know”. Other day, someone asked me “Where is Nalli silks?”. I showed the way, stood for a while and kept watching if they go in the right direction….

In the age of Google Maps and thousands of years later with numerous technology to show you a way, nothing compares a real Human showing you where to go.

I also watch some old people,  Shops,  I go to IOB Atm which most probably will not be working.  No prize for guessing why? These ATM’s are exclusively made ( solli senjadhu) to make people understand how uncertain life is. You must be surprised if it works. Yesterday it did. Vow. My life is good.

I see few guys chatting with their friends. People having all chat/masala stuff happily in a shop.

When ever I see women selling flowers I used to think about their “Hope” and with what belief they stand there thinking some girls or women will certainly buy flowers from them.

I don’t see a difference between these women selling flowers in road side and people selling Enterprise software for millions of dollars. Its just belief in what we do that runs our life. We believe something good will happen and that’s why we live.

We basically believe in good future.

We believe in profit.

we believe in success.

We believe in Knowledge and

we believe in Love.

I watch how people wait to get a space to park their cars. I watch how girls speak to their father’s while walking.  I watch how guys wear various bracelets, belts, bands and sit in their bike near Coffee Shop.

All the while, I think of my life, my Sai and my Goddess. I chant Sai’s holy name in mind. If its any other sacred day, I remember the Gods or Goddess and chant their holy name. When I write this I remember Shirdi Saibaba’s quotes

“Let the world go topsy turvy. You remain where you are”

I see people in various moods, various ways, various types and all these experiences doesn’t move me from remembering Sai deep inside me.

Finally, I reach Kamakshi Amman temple. I love the Kamala Vinayakar here and also the only place as far as I know in Coimbatore which has Dattatreya statue. I love Kamakshmi Amman. She’s graceful and sweet. Every other priest any where in the world must learn something from the priests in these temples.

They give bunch of Jasmine flower or any flower along with a packet of sacred Kumkum and little in your palm to each and every single devotee.

Its honestly not a easy task. Firstly, they must have kept so many of these Jasmine flower bunches cut properly to distribute. Then they must give it to every devotee irrespective of what dakshina they offer.

I stress this because few years back, I went to a Lakshmi Narasimha temple with my Mom and the priests there gave Kumkum only to devotees who offer dakshina. I got really upset with this behavior. You are there to earn your living but make sure you give sacred kumkum to everyone.

Then, I worship the Asta Lakshmi here, bow to Saint Adi Sankara and move out to my Sweet Annapurna Temple. I usually like the old priest here for his smile and his divinity. I offer a bag of rice and lit 2 lamps in Annapurna temple. Then I stand infront of her joining my palm and look into her. I love her truly.

She has once asked me to offer a green saree in dream which I did the very next week. The priest utters only one word to me “Thambi” meaning brother as in we call someone younger to us in Tamil. I smile to him. I love the smell of this Kumkum.

I like the statue of Shyamala Devi- Matangi in this temple. I come around and sit for a while looking at this Goddess. Then I start to walk .

After this I go to Nagasai mandhir in Saibaba kovil. Light 3 lamps, spend few minutes and start to home. I come home and give flowers to my Mom and she gives the Kumkum packet to my Dad.

Then I have dinner and sit in my computer. I go into my virtual world. I sleep at 12…1…or 2…at night.

This is my week end walking experience in Coimbatore.

Many of my friends speak about going to gym and fitness etc but if they want to walk few feet, they get irritated. I tell them to walk because its good for health. Walking gives peace of mind to me.

Have you felt being blessed?

I was really depressed and upset today and suddenly felt God’s blessing on me. I could feel it. Have you ever felt it? You must keep remembering Gods and true saints if you want to feel the way the rays of blessings touching you like a breeze in your body. I have experienced this many times. A sudden breeze entering me and I feel Goddess and Sai is remembering me.

I hope they show me a way.

I know to walk on the streets but I really don’t know the path in my life.

Sai, show me a way.




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  • Baba guides us in different ways.we have to listen carefully and simply follow.Baba s blessings. Shri Sainathayanamaha.

    I have experienced blessings from GODDESS and BABA always.
    Nothing else is happier for me than to experience these feelings until it carries tears in my eyes. As you say remembering them will make you to feel their presence.

  • once while walking in Coimbatore one evening in 1992 august i felt the same…..peace…

    …..everything is connected some how.

  • I just read about ur article I did have a peaceful day on 30/4/14 as I was in shirdi and on 1/5/14 I started with the holy practice of lighting lamps due to which I have experienced deep peace internally. Aum Sai Ram

  • Sairam,
    Being from coimbatore myself, I love this city and enjoyed reading this article. And yes the sweet smell of kumkum they give in annapoorni temple lingers onnn in our senses….!
    Aum Sri Sainathaya Namaha!

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