Grace of Saraswathi and Sai’s gift in sacred fire Dhuni

Sairam friends,

Yesterday I went to Rathna Vinayakar temple and then walked to Annapurna Temple. I like this road in Coimbatore as I used to think something or remember God, about my life and walk.  I worshiped Kamakshi Amman who was wearing a dark red saree. It was almost like Maroon in color. Then I worshiped Annapurani. She’s my favorite sweet Goddess. I offered the little rice bag and lit lamps. Then I kept looking at Annapurna sitting near the wall opposite to her. I wanted to buy Saraswathi Sahasranama book in Tamil and found a good book.

I went to Shirdi Saibaba Temple, as usual lit 3 lamps and sat in near Thulasi plant to recite Saraswathi Sahasranama. My friends were cleaning sacred Dhuni – Sacred fire place of Saibaba. So they asked me to get down the Dhuni tank where the hot ashes which turn to Udi of Saibaba falls.

Sai’s gift in sacred fire Dhuni

I got down the Dhuni tank and took the tool made in iron which we use to wipe the hot ashes. I usually shout “Saibaba…Datta..Nagasaayee…and this time also said Saraswathiiiii”…. I shout because it will be hot and shouting Sai, Sai makes me feel Sai is with me and I can do it.

The hot ashes came down so beautifully and I was already sitting over huge heap of Udi to be filtered in few days which will be distributed to devotees to apply on forehead. Many times, I have spend hours sitting inside this Sacred Dhuni tank itself and filtered the udi using a bucket and a net. These days my friends are taking care of Dhuni seva.

The hot ashes as we call it Kangu in tamil was glittering and I wanted show this to my Sai children. So here’s it – Divine fire of Shirdi Saibaba.


Sacred fire of Shirdi Saibaba – Dhuni from which Udi is taken and offered to devotees – Its hot when we clean dhuni

Once I wiped some hot ashes, I came up, sat near the Thulasi plant and started reciting Saraswathi Sahasranama. I read few minutes. My friends were digging the Dhuni to send the ashes down the tank. So again I went down to wipe hot ashes. This time it was more hot. I was holding the iron rod to wipe which got too hot that little part of skin in my right palm pealed off. When ever the skin in my palm peal off due to heat in Dhuni, I accept it as Sai’s Gift. So I was happy after many days Saibaba is thinking about me and came up.

The Shej Aarti was over and I started home. I had dinner and continued reciting Saraswathi Sahasranama sitting near my computer. I prayed Saraswathi Maa to show me a way and slept off.

Grace of Saraswathi

Yesterday, My Amma was telling me that I must try doing Editing once again but I told her, I only have time during week ends. So lets see. I was surprised as I got the following dream

1. The first dream was few guys asking for my ideas as they wanted to start their company and are working on a product. Probably this is due to my interest in entrepreneurship and I always read about new start ups.

2. The second dream was as if I go through a very huge buildings…Its like fort and also big temples.

3. The third dream was ….

I see myself in my Editor’s studio ( He is a National award winning editor and very famous but I don’t want to tell his name. I used to be in his studio before years) In the dream, I am in Negative cutting studio. Some men sit n cut negatives n i sit on table. I hold the negative and come down saying nobody gives me work

An Assistant editor sir says something about my nature.  He is saying that he got mail from Katya (my niece) and gives me a biscut…It looks like milk bikies but very tasty. Editor tells me “In two days someone will come to you”

That’s it…

The surprising fact is that while reading Sahasranama, I come across one of her name is also my Editors name. So I took this dream as grace of Goddess Saraswathi.

I request Sai children to keep remembering Saraswathi and some devotees who are devoted to Shirdi Saibaba might also have darshan of Saraswathi especially because one of her name is “Guru Priya” . I realized may be that’s why Saraswathi blessed me last week. She likes people who are devoted to Guru.

OK friends..

Parents who are concerned about their children’s education can recite or listen to Sahaswathi Sahasranama – 1000 holy names of Saraswati.

There are so many devotees who wanted to do well in exams and also in their career or any creative field. Remember Sai Saraswathi and light lamps. You will be blessed.

Aum sri sainathaya namaha



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba

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