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Sairam friends,

One of the reason many youngsters get upset is when they are not able to get job during Campus placements. I will never encourage the concept of getting job during campus especially since there are not so many jobs in the market for a country like ours. So be internally strong and never get upset about if you can’t get placement. Life is not the same for everyone. Just because you can’t get job earlier, you cannot worry about your future.

Anyway, this beautiful devotees experiences is from Navya.

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The day my placements started in my college.I performed well in almost every company I attended at my level but rejected by 3 companies that visited my college. Finally, In a state that not able to bare anymore, started sai parayanam on a Thursday with full desire in my heart and full hope on him.Very next company I attended is ADP and got selected in that.

Such a nice experience .

Finally I request the devotees to please have faith on him along with patience.


Though this is a small experience, I encourage devotees to have firm faith on Saibaba no matter what happens in life – Venkat

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