You are in good relationship if your love life so pure that there’s no space for lust

Sairam friends,

Technology has changed the way people express their problems and experiences. Before 2-3 years, I used to receive atleast 3 mails every week from Sai devotees telling me about their relationship problem. Now a days, such mails have reduced. Not because everyone are happy in relationship but thankfully, they have better platform to share or seek for some solace immediately.

Cloud messaging platform’s leads to some unwanted relationship but it has also helped in connecting with good friends when you are depressed or worried about life. This way, when you seek help from your close connections, your intention to write to a stranger like me has less probability.

This morning, I was deeply thinking about the beauty of true love.

You might be in a relationship or married but ask yourself how deeply you care for each other?

Most of the sufferings in any relationship is because of lust. Gradually, love gets shadowed because of lust. Your life becomes complicated when you are too much concerned about the pleasure you get from your soul mate. I happen to realize that youngters these days are cheating themselves trusting what they are into is actually a pure relationship.

Shirdi Saibaba has a beautiful story during his lifetime.

Once Baba asked for 6 Rupees as dakshina from a devotees wife. She did not had money to give Baba. So her husband told her “Six rupees are the 6 internal enemies – Greed, Jealousy, Anger, Lust etc. and Baba is asking her to offer these as dakshina to him.

Saibaba too told that her husband is right in interpretting his words.

Anyway, I wrote this article because if you read this when you are in relationship, you can ask yourself if you are truly with the right person. Try to be pure yourself.

As the world is getting fast and complicated, I wish to see real love and good relationship flowering in your heart and life.



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  • ”intention to write to a stranger like me has less probability.’

    Dear Venkat ji,
    Kindly don’t say that you are a stranger, we are Sai family. When ever required a guidance in any kind of situation, you are guiding…. And feeling like it’s Baba’s words. You are showing the way ( how to live) and we’re flowing toward the path.. Sometimes that’s the reason for not writing.
    Take care always.

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