Going to Shirdi, Coming back and telling Saibaba din’t helped me

Sairam friends,

I really wish to go to Shirdi these days and I know I won’t go. Sai din’t call me yet and I have no intention to force myself to go Shirdi. In 2009, I created to guide devotees and list Hotels in Shirdi but honestly, I din’t list much hotels especially Since I can’t get too commercial with Sai and none were ready to pay me. They have other websites to bring them business.  I just use my Shirdi Hotel sites to say few good words for Sai devotees who travel to Shirdi.

When ever devotees ask me they wish to go Shirdi, I simply ask them to light 2 lamps and pray Sai to bless them with good journey. On the way they can read holy Sai Satcharitra or do chantings in mind Sai, Sai, Sai –

Anyway, There are two reasons I can’t go to Shirdi as of now

1. My parents will get irritated with me saying first you get married (Which I don’t think is going to happen)  and its better to be calm than starting a argument at home.

2. I have learned to see Sai in my heart. Sai lives every where and if Sai wants to help me, he will certainly do it the moment he wants to.

The reason I wrote this article is that I have noticed few devotees write me their problem and add “I have gone to Shirdi last year, I have gone to Shirdi 2 times but nothing changed, Last September, I went to Shirdi but Baba doesn’t seem to exist”.

Look. Sai would have invited you to Shirdi and blessed you with good darshan as Sai wanted to see his child (You). Sai assures that who ever touches Shirdi Soil and Dwarakamai, his/her sufferings would come to an end.

We have a natural tendency to believe that as soon as we come back from Shirdi, something good must happen. We have patience level of few days, A week, few weeks and few month. When nothing seems to happen, we immediately question Saibaba if he really exist and if he does why he can’t help us?

Similar problem arises when ever devotees complete doing any Pooja for Shirdi Saibaba. Especially the Sai Nav Guruvar vrat pooja done for 9 weeks.

My humble request to devotees is please accept what ever happens in life. Do not hurt yourself and Sai when nothing seems to happen. I myself behave rudely to Sai and ask him what did you do for me for all my devotion. When ever I have this conversation with Sai, I let out my depression but is it really right to question our Guru like this? Sai would have thought my time hasn’t come. May be I have more debt to pay back in this birth.

We must suffer. We must go through pains and difficulties. We are supposed to face all this with patience.

Simply going to Shirdi. Coming back home and telling Saibaba din’t helped me is human nature but we must have intense belief and love on Sai to accept him for what he is.

Sai is a miracle worker but not always. Sai wants us to have shradha and saburi.

Have patience.

Now am in hurry





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  • Sairam Venkat

    Some way or the other Sai always responds to the heart… and this is so true. This week, I cam e to know for the results of the exam I gave for promotion in office, I have not cleared the exam for the second time and I have been fighting with Sai saying what are you doing and also feeling guilty at the same time that I am not having Faith in my GURU.. this is the answer my GURU give me.

    Thanks so much


  • Wow venkat
    You are really awesome!!
    You are absolutely right about trusting Baba as He will certainly grant whatever we deserve and earn through our good karmas.
    May Lord Baba bless you with peace and happiness

  • It is the intention with absolute faith and patience on Baba that matters most.Baba s Blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha

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